J.D. Vance In No Way Cares About The Opium Epidemic

Ephrom Josine
7 min readSep 6, 2021

In a 9/5/2021 interview with The Marietta Times, Ohio Senate Candidate JD Vance said the following in response to a question about the biggest issues facing the people of Ohio today:

So many of our Ohio towns have been overrun by poverty and job loss as a result of the destruction of our manufacturing base. At the same time, an immigration crisis has exploded at our southern border, bringing in a ton of crime and drugs. Unless we fix those problems, our people are going to find it harder and harder to live a decent life in their own communities.

Does Vance understand where Ohio is geographically? Because it’s nowhere near the southern border — in fact, Ohio has a 146 mile long border with Ontario, Canada.

But the drugs that are being brought in by this “crisis at the southern border,” that’s the real issue in Vance’s mind. On 9/3/2021, Vance tweeted the following in response to the Biden Administration proposing changing the sentence for certain forms of fentanyl trafficking:

The white working class loved Donald Trump. As punishment, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will kill as many of their children as they can.

One wonders how long will it be until Vance accuses Joe Biden and Kamala Harris of eating white babies.

Also, one can’t help but notice that Vance chose specifically to mention the “white working class.” Once again, Vance is running for Senate from Ohio, where the city of Cleveland — the poorest big city in the country — is located. Cleveland is also 51% percent black, promising to fight for the “white working class” intentionally excludes the majority of its residents.

Of course, it’s not hard to see why the Vance campaign wants to pretend that Cleveland doesn’t exist. The narrative behind the Vance campaign is that rich elitist city dwellers — who are themselves usually white — are intentionally screwing over rural America. The idea that any city — let alone one in Vance’s home state — could be made up primarily of poor minorities completely destroys that narrative. Hence why, for those curious, searching his Twitter for one of the poorest places in the country brings no result.

Ephrom Josine

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