It’s Bigotry, Not Bullets

After Robert Long killed eight women, six of whom were Asian, on 3/16/2021, the media has been working overtime trying to find someone they can blame for the actions of the shooter other than the shooter himself. I talked about this tactic in my article “Victims Of Society”, published on 3/24/2021, and went into detail about how it has been used to get a number of killers (many of them white) off the hook.

For a quick update, I began the article by asking if the Colorado shooter Ahmad Al-Issa would get the “victim of society” treatment. He was not, instead, he was memory-holed and the media simply stopped talking about him. What can I say, I guess it’s just too hard to get Americans to sympathize with a Muslim.

The reason why the media ignored Ahmad Al-Issa, the man who killed ten people in Colorado, and Noah Green, the man who killed one police officer at the US capitol just last week, is rather simple; because they aren’t white. Al-Issa is a Muslim and Green was a radical black nationalist who believed Nation Of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan was the second coming of Jesus Christ. White killers are often treated with kid gloves by the media, with endless stories about how it’s actually the fault of everything besides them.

While many were outraged about the Atlantia Police saying Robert Long suffered from “sex-addiction” (roughly 10% of the United States population has “sex-addiction,” with roughly 1% of the population having Nymphomania), there’s another part of that quote that did not get the attention he deserved:

He apparently has an issue, what he considers a sex addiction, and sees these locations as …. a temptation for him that he wanted to eliminate.

Basically, had the women not been doing something sexual, they wouldn’t have been killed by Long. That was an Atlantia police officer basically calling the women Robert Long killed whores and prostitutes.

Here’s another good example: Anthony Quinn Warner, the man who bombed a small part of Nashville, Tennessee on 12/25/2020, is not considered a terrorist by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Here’s ABC News explaining why on 3/15/2021:

The bomber authorities say set off an IED in his RV on Christmas Day in Nashville, Tennessee, was driven by conspiracy theories and intended to kill himself, but was not motivated by terrorism, an FBI report released Monday found.

Of course, this is nonsensical, nobody is “motivated by terrorism,” because terrorism is an umbrella term used to describe a variety of motivations for the action. If the action was done for a political purpose and to cause terror, even if he’s the only one who is killed, that still makes the event terrorism.

It should be noted that this idea that terrorism can not be willing to make themselves martyrs completely goes against the idea of suicide terrorism, in fact, it makes it impossible by definition.

All of this establishes one thing, the media will do anything they can, no matter how ridiculous, to avoid calling a white killer a “terrorist” and to avoid forcing one to take responsibility for their actions. However, none of that is comparable to the number one source of laying the blame for what Robert Long and others like him did on someone other than Rober Long, and that is President Biden.

After the Sandy Hook Massacre on 12/14/2012, Barack Obama and Joe Biden went after everyone they could other than Adam Lanza. Both of these men blamed the video game industry, with Biden saying they need “to take responsibility” for violent content, in spite of the fact that Lanza did not play violent video games but played games like Super Mario Bros. and Dance Dance Revolution.

However, none of that compares to the number one source of blame in the eyes of Obama and Biden: Guns. On 1/24/2013, just four days after Obama was inaugurated to his second term, Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced the failed Assault Weapons Ban Act, which did not even pass its first hearing in the Democrat-controlled Senate. The Manchin-Toomey Amendment to expand background checks was also brought back into Congress, and met the same fate. However, although there was no federal action, some states, like New York, Connicuit, and Maryland, did implement stricter gun control after Sandy Hook. It also brought the idea of gun control back into the conversation, where it had previously been nothing more than a side issue for both parties.

In the case of Lanza, blaming the gun, although wrong, at least made sense as a first reaction. We did not have a full understanding of Lanza’s mental state around a year after the shooting, specifically, just how far gone he was compared to even other killers. (One report said he would only speak to his own mother through email because his Aspergers syndrome was so advanced.) However, even at the time, the argument that guns caused Lanza’s killing spree, and that the specific gun control policies the Democrats put up would stop it, still had some holes in it.

For example, Connecticut already had rather strict gun control before the Sandy Hook Massacre. In 2011, the Brady Campaign, a gun-control advocacy group named after Reagan Press Secretary James Bradey, ranked Connecticut as the fifth-best state for gun control.

Another issue is that Lanza was not the person who bought the gun he used, instead, it was bought legally by his mother many years earlier. This would make the expanded background check proposed by Manchin and Toomey entirely pointless, as even then it would not have been Adam Lanza receiving it.

The talk of “assault weapons” is a little bit more complicated, and I’m not the best guy to comment on it. (Full disclosure: I do not own any guns nor have I ever once so much as touched a gun that wasn’t a toy.) Usually, when that term is used, it’s in reference to rifles, the issue is that out of the four guns Lanza took with him to Sandy Hook Elementary, only one was a rifle and the other three were handguns.

It should also be noted that the average American, and even many gun owners, have no idea what an “assault rifle” is. For the record, it does have a legal definition, and that legal definition is rather odd and specific. Here’s FiveThirtyEight explaining on 6/14/2016:

The AR-15 used to be illegal. President Bill Clinton’s assault weapons ban, which was in effect from 1994 to 2004, banned the AR-15 and other guns that were too similar to military-style weapons. However, this law did not prohibit Americans from owning semi-automatic weapons; it capped how many military features an individual gun could have. During the ban, a semi-automatic rifle like the AR-15 could legally have any one of the following features, as long as it didn’t have two or more of them: a folding stock (making the gun slightly easier to conceal), a pistol grip (making the weapon easier to hold and use), a bayonet mount, a flash suppressor (making it harder to see where shots are coming from), or a grenade launcher.

It should also be noted that “suppressors” are sometimes dishonestly called “silencers” by the media. Suppressors still make bullets 120 decibels, which is still louder than a rock concert and a jackhammer. Without it, the gun is roughly 160 decibels loud, which is actively dangerous to your hearing. A suppressor makes it so you can fire a gun without needing to wear some kind of hearing protection, but not much else.

So after Sandy Hook, the media and the Obama-Biden Administration did everything they could to blame guns all while not showing the first clue of how a gun works. But Sandy Hook was a scary time, and to this day we still aren’t sure why Adam Lanza killed children in an Elementary School.

However, none of that applies to the topic of Robert Long, whose killing Biden has been using to push his gun-control agenda. Biden is currently threatening to take Executive Action on the issue of “gun violence,” which is near-certainly unconstitutional. Even then, Biden’s calls for things like reinstating the Assault Weapons Ban (which, as established above, was so specific to the point of being useless) and banning “high-capacity magazines,” would not have stopped Long.

Long did not use a rifle, he used a pistol meaning any attempt at banning “assault weapons” would be pointless. “High capacity magazines,” are magazines that can hold more than either ten or fifteen bullets. Long killed eight people, meaning only around eight bullets would be required assuming each shot kills one person.

For that matter, Biden has not talked about putting any regulation in place on how much ammunition can be stockpiled at once. What is stopping a hypothetical mass shooter from stockpiling a large amount of ammunition, bringing it with him to wherever he wants to kill people, and simply reloading whenever his magazine is empty?

A “mass shooting” is defined as the shooting (not killing) of three or more people, typically without a cool-down period. I do not know if President Biden is aware of this, but you are able to shoot three people with less than ten-to-fifteen bullets.

However, all of this is meaningless for one reason and one reason only: It was not the gun that caused Robert Long to kill, it was his own bigotry. We have witness testimony of Long saying that his goal was specifically to kill Asian-Americans, hence why he went to Asian-American salon parlors in the first place.

Killings based on racism do not need guns, once upon a time, we used rope and fire. If Biden was around during those times, would he have tried to ban fire and rope or would he actually have attempted to deal with the issue at hand?

Joe Biden is wasting our time focusing on guns, we know the real cause, and the inanimate object Long used had nothing to do with it.

Writer On Both History And Politics; Peaceful Globalist; Follow My Twitter: @EphromJosine1

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