Is There Reason To Doubt Trump Has COVID?

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On 10/2/2020, President Donald Trump tweeted the following:

That same day, MSNBC host Joy Reid tweeted:

Once upon a time, the idea the President would lie about having a pandemic level virus was unthinkable. However, as time goes on, Reid’s tweet sits more and more with many people — including myself, hence this article questioning if Trump got COVID in the first place.

In large part, this is because the evidence we’re presented to show just us bad of a state Trump’s in has constantly been laughable. Take, for example, a picture posted while Trump is supposedly suffering from COVID posted by Aaron Rupar, a man who I normally consider to be an all around smart guy:

Coming from somebody who’s been in a few stage plays in my day, I know that makeup is commonly worn in productions that involve heavy lighting, basically to stop you from looking pale. Trump on the left, before he got COVID, looks like Trump with his normal amount of makeup (which also means his makeup artists wants him to be orange — which is kind of odd, but that’s besides the point). Trump on the right, however, looks like he didn’t put any makeup on the morning — and we’re suppose to believe that’s the only thing COVID does to you. Might I remind you this illness has killed roughly 1,000,000 people worldwide and around 200,000 Americans — I think it does a little more than make you look pale.

Compare this to a story CNN ran back in May on a male nurse who contradicted COVID:

Mike was several decades younger than Trump, as well as in much better shape than Trump, and more than likely also had a much healthier diet than Trump. Yet, in only a few short weeks of COVID-19, Mike went from a ripped bodybuilder to looking like he just escaped from a death camp. Meanwhile, the President has had no major outwards physical changes — outside of not wearing makeup, I guess — over the course of his time with the illness.

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A before and after — notice how he doesn’t just look like he’s not wearing any makeup.

What’s most shocking though is just how quickly he was let out. On 10/5/2020, Trump tweeted:

We know from the Woodward tapes that Donald Trump wanted to downplay COVID-19. As he put it:

As such, Trump has a massive interest in finding as many new ways to downplay it as possible — including possibly catching it himself so he can recover from it.

As it stands however, the only reason why we have to worry about this is because the President has given us so little information to work with. Over the weekend, we were told Trump’s oxygen level kept dropping:

We also are told the President is on some rather heavy drugs for COVID-19 — which include stem cells and does not include Hydroxychloroquine. However, the reports from his doctor Sean Conley have contradicted the reports from other people who work at Walter Reed, and from Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows. We’re also told that the President is in good enough shape to ride around and wave at supporters while secret service drives him, which even got secret service to criticize him.

Either way, however, the pure lack of transparency is causing it to be harder and harder to believe even the basics, like Trump having COVID in the first place. But one thing is clear, there’s no doubt that this administration is untrustworthy, that our government is untrustworthy, when many people are even considering this to be possible.

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