Is It Too Late For Biden?

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It seems like my prediction that this primary will be chosen by who drops out and not who stays is currently being proven correct. In the past two days, three moderate Democrat candidates have dropped out: Businessman Tom Steyer, Senator Klobuchar, and Mayor Buttigieg. This means five major canidates remain: Mayor Bloomberg, Rep. Gabbard, Senator Warren, Vice President Biden, and Senator Sanders.

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday and Bernie is in the lead. Biden just won South Carolina, marking the first time he’s on a primary state this entire election. And he took 2nd place from Pete with 54 delegates to Sander’s 60 delegates.

Some sources think this was done on purpose, all the moderates are being asked by the Biden campaign to drop out and being promised cabinet positions once Biden takes office.

Fellow The Liberty Hawk writer Scott Howard tweeted the following regarding this theory:

Somebody screenshot this; if Biden wins the nomination and presidency, Buttigieg and Klobuchar both get Cabinet-level positions.

Whatever deals Biden made after right before/right after the SC primary with both of them are solid moves for his campaign.

Still, President Trump gave a much more simplified version:

They are staging a coup against Bernie!

I should note the President has no idea what a coup is considering nothing that the DNC is doing right now could be considered illegal.

However, I would have to be blind to not view the timing as odd. Consider for a second that Sanders only had to fight against one other person in the 2016 primary after Iowa, that being Sectary Of State Hillary Clinton. Before Iowa, the only other person in the race was Governor Martin O’Malley — the man who once held a rally in Iowa where one person showed up.

Compare that to in 2020, where the Iowa caucus started with eleven candidates running for President. It seems obvious to me that the moderates are trying to strangle the Sanders campaign through uniting the moderates behind one candidate — Vice President Biden.

Will it work? Possibly, although both the progressive base and the moderates have two major candidates remaining. The progressives still have to decide between Senator Sanders and Senator Warren, and it seems like they’ve made their voice loud and clear over who they want.

However, the moderates not only have Vice President Biden but also Mayor Bloomberg. Bloomberg has not been on the ballots of any states so far, meaning we have no idea if he will take the moderate base.

As of right now, progressive Sanders looks like he’s going to win the vast majority of Super Tuesday states. However, that does not mean Biden could at least get a good enough chunk of delegates to drag out the primary process for longer and maybe even steal the nomination at the convention.

The other thing that must be noted is that Bernie supporters are awake and ready. This isn’t 2016 where Bernie spent half the primary trying to create a base, Bernie currently has a base that is angry from 2016 and has no plans of going down without a fight.

Consider especially that the DNC is barley even trying to hide what is going on. If there were only a handful of candidates then maybe, just maybe, this could go undetected. However, three moderates dropping out in twenty four hours with one (Senator Klobuchar) endorsing Biden makes it clear that something is going on. For God sake, Bernie’s fans are already known as some of the largest conspiracy theorists in politics.

Will Biden’s plan work? Maybe, however it seems like a presidency for Biden is an idea whose time just never came. I highly doubt this will change that in any notable way.

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