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Last night, progressive Senator Bernie Sanders went against common sense and went on CNN. This was along with other 2020 candidates Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Senator Kamala Harris, Senator Amy Klobuchar, and Senator Warren. Of course, Senator Sanders and Warren received the hardest questions, many were of the “is Assad bad,” questions CNN asked Gabbard.

Easily, the question and answer most talked about was, like always, from Senator Sanders. During his Fox townhall, Sanders announced he supported the idea of giving those currently in prison the right to vote. Last night, he went as far as saying this would include the Boston Bomber, who killed three and injured hundreds of others.

This is not as radical as some people seem to believe. Reading through the replies of Ryan Saavedra‏ — a writer for The Daily Wire who uploaded the clip — you would think this idea meant the world would end. Here are just some of the replies he got:

So now you can get all of the felons to vote for people who promise to make jails go away. What a great idea! Bernie is so smart. It’s a great idea to free murderers and rapists because they were able to vote themselves out of jail!

Crazy , crazier, craziest!!!

He is making the assumption that they would vote for him, so his position is rational and disgusting at the same time.

Bernie you have it ALL WRONG. Getting convicted of a felony and losing your voting rights is part of the punishment. You must be a good contributor to society. The consequences were known when the crimes were committed. Try and reach the voters on the couch not prison. I know.

Now I disagree with Sanders on this issue, although I do believe felons should have voting rights restored when they leave prison, I do agree they should not be able to vote while in prison. However, saying this would mean murder would be made legal or you only have rights if you’re a “good contributor to society,” is just idiotic. Norway — a country with a prison system almost entirely based on rehabilitation (in my opinion to a fault) — not only lets prisoners vote, they even make candidates have debates from within a prison. Last I checked, murder is still illegal there.

Do these people truly think that if we allow prisoners to vote they’ll all write in Al Capone? As long as less than 51% of the population is in prison, it should not be considered an issue. For that matter, if a congressional district has more than 51% of the population in prison, it seems like larger issues are at play.

It should be noted Saavedra is not the most consistent man around. Today, he said he believed that rapists should also get the death plenty. This would not be a problem assuming he either informed his readers “listen and believe culture” does not exist or said that both Trump and Kavanaugh were guilty of rape. Otherwise, the problems with this idea are so obvious I should not even have to point them out.

Senator Harris neither supported nor denounced the policy instead staying simply “ we should have that conversation.” No, I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.

Of course, this idea was considered extremist by the media. However, why wasn’t it considered “too extreme” when Senator Klobuchar said “If the House brings the impeachment proceedings before us, we will deal with them,” or when Senator Harris said, “I believe Congress should take the steps toward impeachment?”

If you wish to attack voters, Senator Klobuchar bragged that she “won every single congressional district in my state including Michele Bachmann’s.” Should a Democratic candidate be bragging about winning the district of a tea party leader who said the HPV vaccine was a plot to make your child a slut? In my mind, that’s extremism. In my mind, anyone who brags about appealing to those people should not be allowed in the DNC. But get angry at Bernie for saying he appeals to Trump voters.

Reminder, these are the same people who went after Sanders for being to moderate on the issue of immigration. Now he’s back to being radical when it convinces them. I assume it’s no coincidence CNN is guilty of this considering who they hire.

Make no mistake, the media will always be against the progressives. I have said it one time, I’ve said it two, and I’ll keep saying it as long as it’s true: The media does not like progressives. They pretend they do, but there clear living room liberalism is coming to light more and more. I can’t wait for the average person to learn the full story.

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