INSANE: Lake Erie Is Now A Person (But Is It Really Any More Insane Than The Pro-Life Movement)

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A Human Being

Lake Erie is a person now, and has the same rights every person in the State of Ohio currently has.

You sometimes have to admire how often American politics follows the rule of every action having an equal and opposite reaction. Currently, Lake Erie has been declared a person by the people in Toledo, Ohio.

Voters in Toledo, Ohio, approved the Lake Erie Bill of Rights on Tuesday, granting the body of water the same legal rights as a human being.

Of course, this is nonsense. This makes less than no sense, or a negative amount of sense. This makes less sense than nonsense. However, does this really make less sense than the pro-life movement? For that matter, does this really make less sense than the established idea in this country that corporations are people?

Here’s some more from The Hill:

Under the measure, residents are granted the right to take legal action on behalf of the lake when its right to “flourish and naturally evolve” has been violated.

That sounds very similar to laws regarding the ability to sue on behalf of a corporation.

The truth is, while slippery slope arguments are usually considered to be something only done by the right, the left has just as much a right to make them as they do. The definition of person hood itself — something that should be obvious to everyone — is constantly being expanded to include nonsense. If corporations are legally people, and zygotes are legally people, why can’t lakes legally be people? If anything, expanding the definition of person like this seems to be right up the ally of the pro-life movement. Of course, they will instead use this nonsense as proof for that nonsense because that’s how the intellectually dishonest work.

Here’s what Live Action had to say:

An inanimate body of water now has greater legal protections than a human child sucking her thumb in the womb.

Our nation must do better.

“I point the finger in their face and say ‘you helped this happen.’”-Jerry Falwell

Sorry for that, just hoping maybe if I use someone just as insane as them they’ll actually consider listening.

Here is what founder of Live Action, Lila Rose had to say:

America: You know there’s a problem when lakes have more rights than humans before birth.

Of course, Lakes still have much less rights than people. Lakes — for instance — are not constantly having reproductive rights questioned by people like Lila Rose. In fact — just this week — Rose’s organization Live Action has: praised Missouri banning abortion on fetuses that could develop down syndrome (write your own joke), forgot no one is Innocent under there favorite religion, and tried to simplify the complex art of medical science.

We as a society need to come together because either everything is human or nothing is. Personally, I liked the definition before corporate lawyers at the Supreme Court and Ralph Reed started changing it up. But that’s just me.

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