In Defense Of Lack Of Charity

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It seems like a day can not go by where someone finds out that Senator Sanders does not live in poverty. Earlier this week, Sanders was criticized by Fox during his townhall for not paying more in taxes than he is forced to.

“He’s a millionaire,” they scream despite him being the poorest member of the Senate. “He has three houses,” they yell forgetting one of them was inherited by Jane and all three are fairly modest. And this goes on and on until the Bernie supporter just gives up because the person who supports Donald Trump is angry someone has to much money.

My favorite of all of these is easily when Louder with Crowder (these guys) ran an article talking about a TMZ report calming Bernie doesn’t tip enough, I’m not joking:

Seriously Bernie? $2.44? Two dollars and forty-four cents? Okay, I firstly want to say that a 15% tip is not horrible. Typically, 20% is seen as standard for good service in 2015, especially in Los Angeles, but I don’t want to condemn all you 15%ers (sic) out there.

Here’s the part that stands out: he tipped exactly two dollars and forty-four cents? He tipped exactly what is seen as “borderline minimum” and not a penny more. No going the extra mile, no “paying his fair share” because he can afford it. Exactly 15%. I know that liberals are against tipping because part of being a liberal — or in this case, socialist — seems to be taking a system that people like and destroying it, but Bernie seriously couldn’t have thrown down five bucks? Or at least rounded up to and even twenty dollars?

People like tipping? Really? I assume most costumers hate the fact it requires them to do extra math and many waiters dislike the fact that rather they eat that night is decided by some random guy who opened ate at where they worked.

For that matter, I can spin this another way. Watch: Sanders seems to be very good with math and has a knack for fiscal conservationism. Even in spite of his support for expanding many government programs. Seems like someone I would trust with my money.

Of course, that was nonsense. But do you know what’s worse? The fact they ran the same story twice, I’m not joking:

So, George W. Bush is in a restaurant one day and, being generous, leaves a $40 tip on a $21.47 bill. The waitress, in her excitement, takes to Twitter to post a picture… and make a comment about 9/11.

. . .

Now, leftists are known for being complete and utter turdnuggets (sic) when it comes to George W. Bush. Case in point, the last line of the Yahoo article referenced states: While a 200% tip is plenty generous, the former president probably wasn’t spread too thin in giving it: According to Time, Bush is currently valued at around $20 million. It’s easy to justifiably think the worst of the waitress, because leftists have, as proven by the phrase above said worse.

For reference, having a high net worth is not necessarily indicative of healthy tipping practices. For proof, see multimillionaire and cheap bastard, Bernie Sanders

Now, after the release of his tax returns (which I thought it was bad he hadn’t released yet) we have found he has donated less than 1% of his income to charity. Similarly, candidate Beto O’Rourke (who I am not even a fan of) has faced similar allegations.

This is based on the right-wing idea of charity being the solution to all the world’s problems, which truly started with the popularity of Milton Friedman, a former economic adviser to President Reagan and Prime Minister Thatcher who later became famous as a free-market economist, among libertarians and conservatives. Books such as The Man Who Sold The World and The Crash of 2016 document that Friedman was not so perfect himself, but that’s a story for another day.

Of course, this ignores just how corrupt many charities are. An obvious example is PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) which still gets many donations in spite of just how infamous they are. Autism Speaks also gets a large amount of donations, this is in spite for them being constantly insulted by those with autism in part because they don’t have a single autistic working for them. Greenpeace is considered to be a force for good by many on the left, yet, through anti-GMO activism, specifically in reference to Golden Rice, they have caused the death of many in third-world countries.

But I’m sure your charity is perfect. At least, I’m sure you believe that. However, that is also often not the case. The Red Cross, for instance, despite being a non-profit, takes millions in profit and has been involved in scandals over the decades for profiting. The Salvation Army has lobbied for a large amount of homophobic legislation.

Do not get me wrong, all five of these charities have done some great things. However, it is undeniable almost none of those who donate to these organizations know of this.

For that matter, no one ever mentions the amount of people these men have kept from needing charity. Senators and Representatives are given over a million dollars to form of staff, and presidential runs have tons of them. This is greed? Everyone must be defining that world very different from how I do.

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