I’m Back, In Short Take Form

Ephrom Josine
3 min readMay 9

I will both happily and unapologetically support a primary challenger to Joe Biden in 2024 on the condition they run on the platform of prosecuting Donald Trump. The fact that both Joe Biden and Merrick Garland have refused to do so despite having the Executive Branch for over two years — and in spite of Trump quite literally trying to overthrow the government and end our democracy, as was obvious before Biden even took office — is easily the biggest blackmark on the administration so far.

I must confuse that I have no idea what Vivek Ramaswamy is running on, outside of perpetually being angry at the exact same things all other Republicans are mad at. Even checking his campaign website leads to me finding paragraphs like this:

Left leaning media has called him the “intellectual godfathers of the anti-woke movement” (Politico) and the “right’s leading anti-ESG crusader” (Axios and Bloomberg). He was dubbed “The C.E.O. of Anti-Woke,” by the New Yorker and has been described by the Federalist Society as “one of the most compelling conservative voices in the country.” These movements are now popularized in mainstream conservative thought.

Even ignoring the fact I find the anti-woke movement to be utterly nonsensical and based on little more than irrational fears of something even its own critics admit they can’t define, that doesn’t make a good presidential candidate. Ramaswamy needs to articulate a vision for the country if he wishes to have any chance at getting the nomination — let alone winning the general election. This isn’t even me getting onto him for engaging in vague slogans as opposed to actual substantive politics — primarily because it feels like he hasn’t even reached the level of vague slogans yet.

The fact that Larry Elder is running for President when his only engagement in electoral politics so far has been badly losing the 2021 California Governor Election is evidence anybody can enter these primaries — regardless of if anybody actually wants them to run or not.

Of all the Republicans running for President right now, the only one I have any respect for — even if I wouldn’t personally vote for him — is Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson. The fact that he was willing to veto an anti-transgender bill while his party was engaging in an all out war against trans

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