If You’re Praising Japan, You Either Know Nothing About It Or Should Be On A Watchlist

I made quite a large mistake about nationalists, you see, I thought “America First,” meant keeping the culture they love so much in tact — at least, the twisted version they have of it. Turns out, not even that much is true from these people.

Yesterday, The Washington Post posted an article calling how Trump’s ideas will turn America into Japan, which I thought American nationalists would be against, and nationalists aren’t happy. Aren’t we suppose to be keeping America America, why is it different if Muslims conquer us?

I guess it’s okay if they vote for, and it’s done by Republicans, and it stops immigration, and — wait, these people are just idiots.

Here are some facts about Japan mentioned that I thought populists hated:

Japan’s population is shrinking, with far-reaching consequences that seep into every corner of life here. “Akiya” — abandoned houses like the one blighting my in-laws’ street — are just one sign of it. As the country ages and older people die with no one to replace them, neighborhoods across Japan are also slowly dying.

As many as 8 million houses in Japan are vacant, and the trend is only deepening. Rural villages are disappearing, and more and more Japanese towns and suburbs have become “dying communities” where children are a rare sight; authorities barely manage to find the care workers needed to look after legions of retirees.

. . .

Recently, sales of adult diapers outnumbered sales of baby diapers here for the first time, another harbinger of the demographic collapse that has left the country a pale shadow of the economic powerhouse that made Americans paranoid a generation ago. A chronic dearth of new workers has left economic growth lagging for a generation, turning “japanification” into economic shorthand for decline. All that — plus the ossified 1950s gender roles that simply never went away here — has turned Japan into one of the least attractive places for women to have children. Low birth rates only compound the demographic death spiral.

If this happened in the United States, populists would treat this as the fall of civilization. This shows what an anti-American ideology populism truly is at its core. Any nation with low immigration can get away with whatever it wants because that’s really the only thing modern day right-wing populists care about.

I should also note that this article leaves out a number of things that are more important than birth rates. For instance, maybe it would be less of an issue if they didn’t have such a high child suicide rate. As does most of Asia, because the culture they love so much causes people to either kill themselves or want to.

Japan would also not approve of Josh Hawley, as they are huge fans of letting companies do whatever they want. That is, as long as the CEO doesn’t pay himself a little more than he should.

Workers are treated so badly in Japan the subways are commonly used for napping purposes. The buildings are made to be boring and work in Japan is the definition of soul-crushing. While I normally don’t care about these buzzwords, these are the buzzwords Japan defenders tend to use. If you want me to pretend this is important, I’m going to expect you to as well.

Let’s talk about degeneracy. Now, I normally don’t care rather it exists or not, but if these people want to talk about how the US is bad because of our attitude towards sex, I expect these people to hate Japan even more.

Especially because of the attitude they have towards pedophile. In Japan, legal loopholes allow adults to perform sexual acts on children as long as they don’t have sex with them.

Oh, and don’t forget that child porn is not just legal, but shown to mainstream audiences. While apologists point out that they made live-action child pornography illegal — in 1999 by the way — animated child pornography such as Lolicon (animated pornography with underaged girls and shotacon (animated pornography with underaged boys) is legal and shown all the time in theaters.

One infamous example of this is Boku No Pico, which was about a cross-dressing child having a sexual relationship with an adult. If that was ever mentioned in a film in the United States, it would be made illegal on the spot. What we are worried is being normalized in the United States has been normalized in Japan for centuries.

This is also helped by the fact that the age of consent in Japan is only officially 13. While some places have higher local age of consent laws, many still don’t. Including the places where many top politicians are from.

If you think this is okay, you have something wrong with you. I don’t believe pedophile should be brought to the US, if that is bad I’ll happily take that label.

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