HEY ROBERT MULLER: Trump Administration Caught Giving Nuclear Technology To Saudi Arabia

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Now that the Muller Report is done, we here at The Ephrom Report (that’s what it’s called now) chose to be nice and give our good “friend” Robert Muller some real collusion to talk about.

One of the best parts of this administration is it’s finally forcing the media to talk about our relationship with Saudi Arabia. In 2004, Michael Moore was criticized constantly by the media for calling out the relationship between President Bush and the House of Saudi in his film Fahrenheit 9/11. Now, comedian and terrorist defender John Oliver spent a segment of his show talking about Trump’s relationship with the country.

For those curious, Mr. Oliver spent zero of his online segments doing the same under the Obama administration, and only one on his HBO series. To Oliver’s credit, he did at least mention other presidents had done the same thing in the past, however, it is somehow just worse when Trump does it.

Personally, I would think the worse offender would be Bush who kept meeting with the Saudi’s after they attacked us on 9/11, but maybe I’m odd like that.

Now, I don’t hate John Oliver be any means. In fact, just this season he had a really funny and informative segment taking down Psychics. However, whenever he goes after anything but the lowest hanging fruit, it becomes clear he’s nothing more than a propagandist for the Democratic Party.

Mind you, it is not as if any of these journalists care about the bigger issues. Not only did it take the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi to actually talk about the evil of Saudi Arabia, but that was also the only thing they wished to talk about. Talk of the genocide in Yemen, involvement in many terrorist attacks on the United States, funding of terrorist groups such as ISIS, and overall authoritarian nature of the Wahabi government — including arresting a kid for dancing in public and decapitating people for witchcraft and being gay — was almost non-existence.

Now, the president is allowing his own officials to give nuclear technology to the nation of Saudi Arabia.

Energy Sectary Rick Perry — the man who previously said fossil fuels can stop sexual assault and ran in 2012 on eliminating the Depart of Energy, while forgetting what it was — was caught giving at least seven companies selling a product during secret meetings with Saudi Arabia. What are those companies planning on doing? Giving nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia.

President Trump previously said he pulled out of the Iran Nuclear Deal because the deal that made it so Iran could not get a nuclear weapon made it easy for Iran to get a nuclear weapon. Now, he’s secretly giving one of the most authoritarian nations on the planet technology they could use to develop a nuclear weapon.

From Time:

Energy Secretary Rick Perry told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the Energy Department has approved 37 nuclear applications since January 2017, including nine in the Middle East. Besides the seven to Saudi Arabia, two were approved for Jordan. Perry said in his testimony that six applications were approved to Saudi Arabia, but a spokeswoman later said he misspoke. Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., asked Perry whether the applications were approved after Oct. 2, when Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Khashoggi, a Washington Post columnist, lived in Virginia.Perry said he did not know the specific date.”We sign a lot of papers,” he said. “I’ve got a pretty good memory, but to remember every date that I sign a piece of paper might be above my ability to recall.”Lawmakers from both parties have expressed concerns that Saudi Arabia could develop nuclear weapons if the U.S. technology is transferred without proper safeguards.

So what you’re telling me is that you do not recall?

Obvious joke aside, Senator Kaine — who was also Hillary Clinton’s running mate in 2016 — seems to be ignoring the bigger picture. As laid out earlier in this article, the murder of Jamal Khashoggi was one of the least awful things this country has done. Why won’t the Senate ask about the genocide in Yemen or the funding of ISIS? Because that story did not get enough attention from the media.

Perry disputed media accounts describing the authorizations as secret, saying, “These U.S. companies that are going to be doing this work want to keep that proprietary information from being out in the public domain.”

So? You’re a government official! You're supposed to respect the best interest of the nation and not those giving nuclear technology to a terrorist state.

Only time will tell if the genocidal and violent nation will be using nuclear technology for genocide and violence.

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