Here’s Why Joe Biden Fired The Prosecutor In The First Place

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During the ongoing Ukraine scandal, many Americans are asking an important question. That being “why did Joe Biden fire the prosecutor in the first place?” This is a fair and honest question which this article will attempt to answer.

I should start out by noting the most obvious reason is the wrong one, there is currently no evidence Joe Biden even knew his son was under investigation when the prosecutor was fired. James Risen, who wrote a story about Biden traveling to Ukraine for The New York Times back in December 2015, recently wrote on the myths about this story in The Intercept.

One thing I can’t help but notice is no one seems to know who the prosecutor Biden fired actually was. For those not in the know, it was a fellow by the name of Viktor Shokin. He was also the General Prosecutor for the country of Ukraine at the time of firing.

Biden was far from the only person who wanted this man gone, in fact, the entire international community hated Shokin. And he was far from the only one, by the way. In fact, at the time of his firing, at least three different major European news outlets had called of the firing of Shokin. Why was this? Because many considered him deeply corrupt, isn’t that quite ironic?

Biden was picked by the international community to fire Shokin because of his foreign policy experience. By that point, he had been on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for 12 years (including spending two years as the highest ranking member) and had been vice-president for nearly 8 years. Biden is also quite liked throughout the free world for a number of different reasons. As such, it seemed like he was the best pick to fire another corrupt prosecutor.

This means Biden only fired him at the will of the international community and not because he was investigating Biden’s son.

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