Here’s The Real Slippery Slope That Landed Us At Transgender Children

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It’s more than likely that, by this point, you’ve heard about the story of James Younger. Long story short, he’s a boy in Texas who has been forced by a court to go through a gender transition at the request of his mother, against the will of his father.

If you would like to know the full story, here’s a really good look at the situation from, of all people, Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire that I agree with for the most part:

On the bright side, judge did rule that the father will have a say on the future of his own kid, as such while the transition might not be stopped it will at least be a lot better for the child than what it would be otherwise.

You know, maybe government couldn’t take away parental rights if there was no government.

However, while I hate to be one of those blogs that turns everything into the right being bad, I must say, it is with a heavy heart I regret to inform you that the social conservatives are at it again.

(Before someone says it: Yes, I know Walsh is both pro-life and a social conservative, this is the “for the most part,” section of the description I gave for the video.)

Also, the slippery slope argument is wrong, primarily because it does not answer the question of if the thing being talked about is a good idea. However, if I’m fighting someone who has a gun and I can get access to a gun, I’m going to use a gun. If you are pro-life or socially conservative and don’t fall into the categories talked about in this article, make the assumption I’m not talking about you. In fact, assume I’m only talking about the people I clearly state I’m talking about in the article.)

Let’s start with noted silly person Daniel Horowitz. Yesterday, he wrote an article for Conservative Review arguing that states should ban all forms of “elective,” gender reassignment surgery:

Consider this insanity: 18 states and the District of Columbia have banned homosexual conversion therapy. This is nothing more than consenting adults desiring to undergo therapy where not a single part of the body is touched, much less immutably altered. Yet even in red states it is legal, and evidently now even required in some cases, to castrate someone.

First off, conversion therapy has not historically been “consenting adults desiring to undergo therapy,” but for the sake of argument we’ll pretend otherwise.

However, think about what Horowitz is saying: We should ban gender reassignment surgery because some states have banned conversion therapy. Also, conversion therapy should not be banned and people trying to ban it are all just crazy liberals.

How about Katy Faust? She decided to spend this time talking about how James’s mother isn’t biologically related to him because James was conceived through artificial insemination. Faust is a crazy person who runs a crazy group called Them Before Us which basically argues children have some kind of magical right to pick where they’re born or something. Here’s what she said on this subject:

If we were serious about preventing abuse and neglect, we would incentivize biological parents raising their children together in a life-long union. That was the historical function of marriage before it became just one more vehicle of adult fulfillment. Not only do these two adults grant children the biological identity that they crave, but they also maximize child thriving.

Side note: Faust also adopted her youngest kid from China, guess she doesn’t care about said child's “natural rights.”

However, once cannot ignore Faust’s little shot at gay marriage during this section. This brings us to the most common argument, that this is all the fault of gay marriage — unlike a place like Iran where being gay can get you killed, oh and they have the second highest rate of gender reassignment surgery in the world.

Here’s what right-wing writer Jade McNeil said on Twitter regarding this topic:

Why do mainstream conservatives refuse to recognize that this James Younger case is a result of the normalization of the LGBT community?

How two people of the same sex getting married leads to seven-year-olds going through gender transitions is a connection that makes sense only after giving as few details as possible.

You know what I blame though? This:

You say “my body, my choice,” but why don’t I have a choice?

Pass this along if you are proudly pro-life!

This tweet from Live Action did more to cause this transgender child idea than any gay person ever could. What’s implied with this Tweet? That children are rational free thinkers who should have a say in all conversation concerning them.

At that point, why not let them vote, consent to sex, drink alcohol, and — the most relevant in this case, choose there own gender?

Remember, none of these parents are saying they just wanted a daughter instead of a son, instead, they are arguing that the child wanted to change what gender they are at a young age. While this argument is debatable in the case of James, it is clear that, at least some of the time, this is the honest to God truth — around 94% of them will grow out of but that’s besides the point.

The only way we as a society could accept that argument as valid is if we decided that children had some say in what happens to them — a clearly nonsense idea. And yet, Lila Rose had the assiduity to say this just today:

When we as a society demand that we can

Abort children at will

Design & create them & even destroy them in laboratories at will

It should be no surprise that some now demand we can also Chemically castrate, mutilate, “gender” our children at will

This tweet makes no sense when you realize these two things are based on very different arguments. As I just showed, the arguments for Lila’s side are much closer to ones made by parents of these transgender kids than the arguments the pro-choice side is making.

And don‘t think “child advocates”are off the hook either. Here’s the Twitter bio for Them Before Us, the group created by the aforementioned Katy Faust:

Giving children a voice in the debate over family structure.

Why should they have a voice exactly? The average child is not mature enough to understand concepts like abortion, monogamy, marriage, and so on and properly reach any kind of logical conclusion on these issues. And as this organization proves, some adults might also fall into this category.

Again, if anyone wants to play the slippery slope game, remember the phrase about removing a plank from your eye before you remove a spec from the eye of another.

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