Here’s The Article To Use After Every Biden Gaffe

During the recent NATO Summit, President Biden made another gaffe. Specifically, Joe Biden was asked his thoughts on Russian President Vladimir Putin — at which point he lost his train of thought, before saying it had no relevance to the meeting in question. He then started addressing a non-existent second question, at which point the reporter informed him that such a question does not exist.

Here’s the thing that even Biden supporters cannot deny: Joe Biden gaffes, he gaffes all the time. He gaffes as President, he gaffed while running for President, he gaffed while Vice President, and he gaffed while in the United States Senate. In 2019, Joe Biden himself even admitted to be a “gaffe machine,” and what a machine he is. Joe Biden’s supporters have told us that this is nothing more than a normal stutter, while Joe Biden’s worst critics have told us that he actually has dementia. Personally, I think the answer is much more simple: Joe Biden is not a very good public speaker.

Tons of people want to pretend that Joe Biden’s gaffes only started during his run for President, that’s obviously nonsense. As Stephen Frantzich pointed out in a 9/10/2020 column:

The article gives some more examples, but I think you guys get the point. President Biden has always put his foot in his mouth, and it doesn’t just slip in his mouth, it’s like Biden intentionally deep-throats his foot in order to give the funniest gaffes humanly possible.

And here’s my full response: So what? Yeah, you got us Biden supporters, Joe Biden is no Aberham Lincoln or Winston Churchill when it comes to speaking skills— we already knew that long before Joe Biden became President and none of us care, hell, a number of us find that kind of charming.

Of course, Joe Biden is far from the first President to have some struggles with the English language. George W. Bush was so bad at public speaking that his unique gaffes even earned the name “Bushisms.” Slate writer Jacob Weisberg even edited together a series of books called Bushisms, which were nothing more than a collection of the latest odd things said by President Bush. After checking on Amazon, I can confirm that a handful of authors have tried to make “Bidenisms” into a thing, and I hope it does become a thing. Joe Biden’s gaffes are usually rather funny, and his supporters are laughing along with the rest of America.

It should also be noted that almost all of those who mock Biden’s speaking style voted for our former President, Donald Trump. Donald Trump, like Joe Biden, was also not very good at public speaking, albeit in a very different way. He was loud, rude, and played fast and loose on the facts — often saying utter nonsense when asked about simple policies (but don’t you worry, because nobody knew more about those things than he did). Donald Trump’s fast and loose style resulted in him saying nonsense much more often than Joe Biden has; in fact, Joe Biden’s major fatal flaw seems to just be loosing his train of thought or misstating the occasional number — albeit, he gets those numbers wrong by a much larger factor than most other politicians would. But everyone loses their train of thought from time to time, that’s much more of a sign of ADHD than Dementia. The only reason the vulgar Dementia rumor sticks — a rumor that no other President, no matter how gaffe prone, has had to deal with — is because Joe Biden is an old man. (Of course, many of these people spent the past year telling us we shouldn’t worry about an illness that mostly kills old people — so I fear what they want to do with Joe Biden.) Joe Biden is the oldest President in United States history, as such, he must have this or that disorder because all old people do.

When it comes to gaffes, it’s impossible not to notice that Joe Biden is getting attacked much worse than Donald Trump. Donald Trump was allowed to gaffe without being told he was mentally deficient and without rumors circulating that he has some kind of “master” (usually said master has a large nose and is rather greedy) who is doing all the work behind the scenes. Donald Trump was seen as so crazy that he had to be in charge, Joe Biden is seen as so crazy he cannot be.

Usually, those who mention that Joe Biden’s gaffes then go on to make reference to Vice President Kamala Harris being some kind of “shadow-President” who’s “really in control.” Of course, the evidence for this is never much greater than “look at Biden,” as if one cannot be a bad public speaker and a competent political leader. Mind you, many of these people simply hate Kamala Harris and view her as some kind of jackbooted authoritarian who’s secretly plotting to take over the world. (Oddly, the right-wing media’s view of Kamala Harris is basically what the left joked Dick Cheney was.) She “controls” Joe Biden, because controlling him is step-one to world domination!

However, none of these people can actually point to how Joe Biden’s administration would be different if he were “in control.” Joe Biden is a moderate Democrat with a history of tough-on-crime legislation, as is Kamala Harris. Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris not so she could control the White House, but because they’re in ideological agreement so often. (Personally, I do think picking Kamala Harris for Vice President was a mistake as Biden should have gone with someone more progressive, but that’s besides the point.)

I could go on for hours, but I think I’ve made my point. To put it simply, unlike Obamacare, Biden’s gaffes are far from a big fucking deal.



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