HAVE A LAUGH: Kamala Harris Down To Single Digits

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After the 2nd debate — you know, the one where Tulsi Gabbard destroyed Kamala Harris — many predicted that would be the start of the end of the Harris Campaign. I preferred to call in the middle of the end as calling it anything else implies that her campaign had a chance from the start.

Today, Michael Tracy posted the following image on Twitter:

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In the past month, Kamala Harris has gone 13 points, in the past week she’s gone down 5. No other candidate experienced this kind of drop. Biden has jumped 10 points, Sanders is up 1 point, O’Rourke is up 1 point, Warren is up 7, and Klobuchar has stayed the same.

I should also note this clearly makes Tulsi Gabbard a serious presidential candidate. Not only has she won both debates she was in, she has also officially sunk another Presidential Candidate.

Yet, the mainstream media seems to wish to ignore this and instead continue to prop up the candidate that nobody likes. Because it worked so well for Democrats back in 2016.

The reason I find this so funny is because the mainstream media has been batting for her for quite a while now. CNN recently ran a 12 minute ad in favor of her after spending months just declaring her the most likely to win the nomination. Even during that point, the polls were mostly a tie between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, but they didn’t care about that.

Of course, this made me wonder “who will fight for Pell Grant recipients who operate a business for three years or longer in a disadvantaged community?”

By the way, someone created an “Oddly Specific Kamala Harris Policy Random Generator.” Here are 10 things I’ve got from it:

  1. Yesterday, I announced that, as president, I’ll establish a Head Start program for members of Congress who open a streetcar that operates for 6 years in their backyard.

I love this.

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