Google Is Being Targeted For Its Political Beliefs

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As of writing this article, forty-eight of the fifty states, Washington DC, and Purto Rico have sued Google on anti-trust grounds. Attorney General William Barr has also started looking into doing the same thing — although no statement to my knowledge has been made and even then it’s too early to tell.

The two main grounds sounding the alarm on Google are right-wing populists who are angry Google has property rights and left-wing populists who are angry Google has property rights. You can see why I do not take this investigation all that seriously.

Sounding the alarm on the right has been the fake populist Josh Hawley, who is yet to introduce one legislation that would not increase his own power. I will note that Hawley also once blamed human trafficking on “sexual liberation,” (which neither side can actually define) and birth control. Given his attitude of “moving pass libertarianism,” expect possible bans on those in the near future.

The state Attorney General leading the charge is Republican Ken Paxton of Texas. Paxton believes the only reason Republicans ever lose in Texas is because of voter fraud, despite studies showing voter fraud to actually be quite rare. This shows one of the main goals of the American populist right, always come up with a reason other then themselves for losing. Last time they lost it was demographics, or Google, or both. Next time, they’ll find something new to blame because these people are sore losers.

As of writing, Paxton is seeking voting records from Texas in 2016 in order to provide evidence of voter fraud. Odd that, while he’s doing that, he’s also trying to stop the people who make fact checking his claims easier than ever. Maybe there’s a connection here.

Over on the left, the leader is radical socialist Elizabeth Warren. The woman who said social media companies should also step in and stop hate speech against Kamala Harris. Something tells me she isn’t just doing this for the good of the people.

Alexandra Ocasio Cortez has also called for the use of anti-trust laws against Google. This is the same woman who called for these laws to be used against Uber while commonly using Uber herself. Once again, the same people calling her a socialist who wants America destroyed support her policies when they’re used against a company they don’t like.

This is why it is obvious that Google is being targeted by both sides of its political views, the left for its support of capitalism and the right for its disagreement with nationalism.

This is not as unlikely as it seems. Both the left and the right teamed up to target Microsoft also on anti-trust grounds in the 1990’s. Why? Because they refused to lobby in Washington. Today, Microsoft has a building equal distance from the White House and Congress in that simple city known as our capital.

Let’s get to the point: Politicians hate search engines. Think about how much you wouldn’t know about various political figures if you did not have the ability to Google them. Most of the information I give you in my articles would be impossible if it was just from memory.

This is what politicians want, they want you to be in a state where the only information you can get is from them. Independent media has been rising since the creation of the Internet and they know it’s not slowing down anytime soon. Even with the minor restrictions Google has put on certain websites, they still do not compare to what the Government would do if given the option.

Unless Google becomes bias in there favor, they won’t stop attacking it for not being neutral.

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