Getting Mad At A Pedophile Being Exposed

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When I saw Anthony Agular, better known as ForNoGoodReason, was mad that a pedophile was exposed, it is impossible to stress how unsurprised I was. This is the same man who covered for ToonKriticY2K for years along with his friends in Limbo and The Secret Rift until the logs of him grooming a minor were made public — in spite of the fact the writing had been on the wall for months by that point. This is the same man who groomed Buttons and made her Erotic Role Play with him as characters that are minors without any pretense of ageing them up. Buttons, I should note, was only 20 at the time and Agular was 38 — making this whole thing even more creepy.

The name of the pedophile is Lachlan, a man who has talked sexually with a fifteen-year-old named Cloudskissedkoshi, the girlfriend of longtime friend of the blog Ryu. This includes asking Cloud “what can be lewdlly [sic] turnon [sic] for you?” before pressuring her to tell him basically whatever it is that turns her on. This occurred on 10/4/2020, with Ryu informing him that Cloud is underaged the next day — only for Lachlan to ignore this fact and continue acting in an aggressively sexual way towards Cloud for the rest of October.

On 10/6/2020, Lachlan posted pictures of Cloud’s OC with varying amounts of clothes on — although the worst one was only half naked (or in a bra and panties). Lachlan then asked her if she wanted to “see other certain versions” which meant pictures of her OC naked. His excuse was (and I’m directly quoting a DM of his) “IT WAS FOR ANATOMY” — anatomy of personified rabbits, but anatomy nonetheless. Of course, that excuse still doesn’t explain why he used the OC of someone he knew was a minor nor why he offered to show it to the person in question, who, again, is a minor.

The main reason Cloud put up with this (as well as many other offenses that I’m not going to describe — not because they’re worse but for the sake of time) was specifically to expose Lachlan as a pedophile. However, it seems this clear evidence is not enough to please everyone, enter ForNoGoodReason (who, as established above, is far from pure himself) and his friends who took Ryu to task over daring to expose a pedophile in a way they do not approve of.

When Ryu showed this evidence to FNGR, a man who pretends to be the biggest pedophile exposer in the brony community, FNGR did a stream — condemning Ryu and Cloud for how they exposed Lachlan. The stream was titled “RYU Uses His Girl friend [sic] to bait a possible adult.” in which FNGR, Brony Inspector, Gilded Dash, ItWuzPancakes, Coyote Lovely, and Rouge (FNGR’s girlfriend) sit in a Discord call with Ryu attacking him for exposing a pedophile in a way they do not like.

Already, the title reeks of “what if the child consents though.” Cloud “baited” Lachlan? Even if that is true (and, for the sake of argument, I’ll even say it is) so what? Lachlan is responsible for his own actions, regardless of if he was “baited” or not, unless Cloud directly lied about her age (which she did not, and even if she did at first Lachlan was made aware of Cloud’s age by Ryu long before their worst interactions took place) then the only thing that matters are his actions, not the actions of others.

Also, I love how they titled it “RYU Uses His Girl friend [sic],” as if Cloud is incapable of doing anything without the orders of Ryu. No, Cloud can’t bait anyone herself, it all has to be because the evil puppet master Ryu told her too. This is a theme that continues into the call, with Pancakes specifically telling Ryu “you set up a fifteen-year-old girl to bait a pedophile.” Again, they have no evidence Ryu put Cloud up to this (and given how he talks to Lachlan in the call where he tells him Cloud is underaged, it seems like “setting up” his girlfriend is the last thing he wants to do), but somehow it’s still the fault of Ryu.

Of course, one cannot blame all the nonsense in this story on FNGR. Rouge screams at Ryu because he “tried to make someone a pedophile,” as if pedophile is something you turn into when — you’re baited by Ryu, I guess. Rouge also tells Ryu “your girlfriend admits you don’t know I’m not over eighteen,” which is just wrong. For context, this stream was uploaded to YouTube on 10/22/2020, while the logs provided by Ryu show Lachlan himself referencing the fact that Cloud is underaged as early as 10/7/2020.

Another point, made by all five of them, is that even if Lachlan was being inappropriate, Cloud was playing along and, while they don’t quite say this they clearly imply it, deserved it. Rouge specifically points to BDSM-style pictures as evidence that Cloud clearly wanted to talk sexually with Lachlan. Of course, this was not an issue with the logs of either ToonKritic or Vida — the worst Cloud did was send some pictures of half-naked girls tied up and talk about wanting to peg Ryu, the worst ToonKritic’s victims did was actively Erotic Role Play with the man, as did the Vida’s victim. Oddly, I did not hear this victim blaming (and yes, that is what’s happening here, it’s fundamentally in no way different than saying a woman deserves to be raped if she dresses in a revealing manner) at play with those two cases — but only when the victim is the girlfriend (or possible mindless robot) of Ryu.

The stream ends with them saying that actually, Ryu is just jealous because his girlfriend cheated on him with, as Brony Inspector puts it, “his ERP friend that he did Erotic Role Plays with.” (They also seem to be under the impression that Ryu and Cloud have since broken up — they haven’t.) Of course, if Ryu is truly only exposing this man as a pedophile out of jealousy because Cloud got with Lachlan (which, again, is far from the worst thing one could do — and is based on an incorrect premise) it kind of disproves the idea Ryu “put her up” to “bait” poor Lachlan — but at this point, trying to keep their story straight is far from a factor in this hatred.

I should end by pointing out that this squad had spent the entire call saying that Ryu is just being bitter of Lachlan. Considering this group has spent the past few years pretending to be massive pedophile hunters, and yet they turn down evidence and rationalize actions of a person they likely don’t even know because the evidence comes from Ryu — the only word to describe this accusation is projection.

Writer On Both History And Politics; Peaceful Globalist; Follow My Twitter: @EphromJosine1

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