Over the past week or so, France has been experiencing many protests. Many of them resulting from Macron’s new carbon tax, a plan so simple that it’s honestly surprising this is what caused people to take notice.

First off, the people of France protest all the time. That’s actually one very cool thing about France, they engage in protests basically anytime a new policy they disagree with is proposed. An entire section of the movie Sicko is about just how common French protests are. So why is the media, specifically the right-wing media, only talking about this one? Because this is the only one of those protests they can use to make it look like the normally left-wing French are now supporters of Donnie.

Donald only has an approval rating of 10% in France. Meanwhile, French president Macron has the still awful, but better than Trump’s, rating of 26%. That’s also ignoring that the people of France were already given the choice of a Donald like candidate with Marie Le Pen last year, and she lost! Macron is done, just like he was during the campaign.

Look, I hate Emmanuel Macron, a lot. I hate that fact that he’s a former Rothschild banker, a neoliberal, very awkward with his ideology, and named his party after his own initials. Who does that?

However, it is also impossible to deny that these French protesters are also not the brightest people. For instance, their demands include tax cuts, France defaulting on its debt, and more public services. Ideas that so obviously contradict each other that I don’t even feel I need to explain the problem.

Other proposals include the withdrawal from the UN and a decrease in immigration. Meaning this movement could also be called isolationist pretty easily, while the world is becoming increasingly global. Never before have I seen people actually ask to be left behind.

If this is the future of Europe, we better all start praying.

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Writer On Both History And Politics; Peaceful Globalist; Follow My Twitter: @EphromJosine1

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