Everything Wrong With “Everything Wrong With ‘The Farnsworth Paradox’”

If you’re unaware of CinemaSins, then your YouTube algorithm results are totally broken. Basically, they’re a group of people who watch movies and then “sin” them, usually over the most minor things possible. Personally, I tend to find them rather funny and even believe they make some good points about the movies that they’re sinning.

Well, they also do TVSins, which is the CinemaSins formula but brought to television. One of these videos is on the Futurama episode “The Farnsworth Paradox” — and wow is it bad. So without further ado, here’s Everything Wrong With “Everything Wrong With ‘The Farnsworth Paradox.’” Oh, also you should probably go watch “The Farnsworth Paradox” before you read this otherwise this won’t make any sense.

This room has had celling bits raining down from above since the episode began, but the celling appears intact. Where are the cracks in the plot! I mean celling?

First off, the reason why you can’t see any holes in the celling in the shot you’re criticizing is because the camera is on a part of the celling that wasn’t falling apart in the first place. (Sin ding #1) Second off, even if this were correct it would not be a “crack in the plot” because this would be a continuity error, not a plot hole, this isn’t To Boldly Flee. (Sin ding #2) And here’s another sin for reminding me To Boldly Flee is a thing. (Sin ding #3)

Conveniently appearing hammer is convenient.

The Professor got the hammer from under his chair or possibly under the table, that doesn’t mean it “conveniently appeared.” (Sin ding #4)

“I don’t know what’s in there, but I’m sure our minds would be unable to comprehend it.”

And yet Professor Farnsworth will now spend the remainder of the episode explaining what is in the box so that we can comprehend it.

— No he doesn’t. (Sin ding #5)

We have large machinal box thingy next to the hot vent. We have no large mechanical box thingy next to the hot vent.

The “large machinal box thingy,” I should note, is still in the shot right next to Fry. We still have it, it’s just in a slightly different place — like so slightly different it seems like something a robot could easily push if he wanted to just because. (Sin ding #6)

“It’s so hot! The butter in my pocket is melting.”

Funny joke, but later the steam has shrunk your clothes and I don’t see any butter stains.

Because the stains would be in his pockets, where the butter was. (Sin ding #7) Also “your clothes”? So now you’re talking to Fry? You weren’t doing that with the Farnsworth sin earlier, so this is one sin for inconsistency. (Sin ding #8)

“I can guard the real box in peace now that no one’s curious about it.”

No one? Many of the team were vocal about their curiosity at the table earlier, including the Professor!

No they weren’t, the only one who showed any interest in what’s inside at the table was Zoidberg, and that changed the second the Professor hit his claw with a hammer. Hermes and Amy both showed no interest one way or the other. (Sin ding #9)

“Well, I go through the night, and no one looked in the box.”

Who are you even talking to?

— Herself? (Sin ding #10)

“I mean your hair, it’s all ‘differenty.’”

Indeed. But only the small things, because that’s just a scientific law in multi-verse hopping, all the big things stay the same so we can still have the same characters, but the tiny details change so we can have son fun. You know, like hair color, or clothing choices, or penis size.

Or relationship status, funny you don’t mention that one. (Sin ding #11) Also, considering this episode is running under the assumption their are infinite dimensions, so of course some are going to be rather similar to ours. This one had to at least be similar enough to where its’ Farnsworth would be making a box at the same time as the one we know, so basically, what did you expect? (Sin ding #12)

“Somewhere there’s a more evil Bender than me. I do my best damn it.”

I believe you mean, your worst.

Okay, first off, why do the subtitled have “damnit” as two words — they aren’t. (Sin ding #13) Second off, this is a sin for reminding Pony Life is a thing (Sin ding #14).

Since we’re going to great lengths here to say every minute difference is because of a coin flip, exactly what coin flip is responsible for Fry’s hair being a different color?

I don’t know TVSins, hey TVSins from like a minute ago, can you help me out here?

But would the money from a parallel universe be worth anything? What if a government official flipped a coin one day to determine which image to stamp into the coin or print on the paper money?

You do know who’s on money in the United States is determined by Congress, right? Not just some random dude in government who flips a coin? (Sin ding #15)

But if that’s always been the case, then according to the Ashton Kutcher documentary Butterfly Effect, those coin flips would have diverted this world to a completely different place from the dawn of civilization.

So that’s one sin for the point being nonsensical (Sin ding #16) and one for the point being debunked for you guys. (Sin ding #17)

Plus, Farnsworth called the difference in coin flips the “key difference” not the only difference. The sky of Universe A is very different from the sky of Universe 1, I don’t think that means the color of the sky was decided by a coin flip. (Sin ding #18)

For that matter, weren’t you guys just complaining that the episode didn’t do enough to separate the world from the one of the main series? Plus one sin for hypocrisy. (Sin ding #19)

Why would the visor ignite, but nothing else in this ship is feeling the effects of the sun to this degree? The box seems to be already glowing from exposure. Burst into flames already! Kill them all!

Okay — one, I have no idea why this guy thinks the box is “glowing” in the scene, I think — and I say “I think” because I’m really not sure — this is because part of the box at the bottom is a darker shade of yellow. That can be done in a million other ways that wouldn’t make the box “glowing” — you do realize that right? (Sin ding #20)

Second off, you don’t know the “glowing” — again, assuming that is what he’s talking about — is from the sun. It could easily be from another light on the ship. (Sin ding #21)

As for why the visor ignited and nothing else on the ship is, well the box is not making direct contact with the sun like the visor is so that answers your question right there. (Sin ding #22) As for everything else, I assume it’s made out of something less flammable than the visor of all things. (Sin ding #23)

“Hmm. All women.”

Wait, what? So not only a planet of all women, but all women wearing various shades of lipstick, perched over the corresponding box, ever-ready to kiss whoever sticks their noggin in?

Yes? Again, this episode is running under the assumption their are infinite universes. Lets say the odds of this universe existing and doing this action at this specific time are one in a quadrillion — hell, one in a quadrillion to the quadrillionth power. That would still mean a universe like that exists. You do understand what “infinity” means, right? (Sin ding #24)

Also, there wasn’t nearly enough time for this many smooches.

There’s like ten offered in rampant succession by a bunch of women standing right in front of the thing the Professor is sticking his head into. Seems like that would only take a few seconds to rack up an impressive streak of smooches. (Sin ding #25)

Oh, come on. Why would every universe have multiple boxes? And wouldn’t these multiple boxes already have multiple tethers going into them?

First off, that’s not every universe, that’s around ten. Subtract ten from infinity and you still get basically all of infinity. (Sin ding #26)

Second off, this story only happened because two Zoidbergs crossed paths. While the aforementioned infinite universes make odder concepts more likely, that doesn’t mean they’re happening in every universe at once. For every one universe that’s having the same story there are multiple billions that are not. (Sin ding #20) For that matter, even if it was happening in other universes, the odds that those universes would also have boxes interlinking them with the small amount shown out of literally infinite is so small as to be literally only not impossible by technicality. (Sin ding #27)

Third off, not every universe they visit has multiple boxes. Universe #420 for example is a dead end, which the show directly tells you might I add. This is literally how the Zoidbergs are caught for fuck sake — did you just not pay any attention? (Sin ding #28)

Get it? 420? But also, who’s numbering and naming these things?

The show. (Sin ding #29)

[W]hy are we acting like they have already existing names?

We aren’t (Sin ding #30)

Farnsworth was clear he created the actual universes, not just access to existing universes.

No he didn’t, he said the box he created has the universe inside it not that he created the universe itself. (Sin ding #31)

And what is the incentive for the copies to follow? They assume Universe A has already been destroyed based on earlier conversations. Why would anyone leap into the box without testing it first? Grab a stick, put it inside the box and if it bursts into flames — well, congratulations you are the only survivors of Universe A.

You know Universe A isn’t the one in danger now, right? Hermes is going to throw either the portal to Universe 1 or Universe 1 itself into the sun — they’re the ones in danger. Universe A is not in danger because the Hermes of Universe 1 is currently not doing that. (Sin ding #32)

Total sins: 32

Sentence: Getting stuck in Universe 1

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