Even More Unpopular Populism!

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Ever since 1988, every candidate who won the most states on Super Tuesday has gone on to be the nomination for their party. Going into yesterday, Sanders was in the lead and could have easily kept it without much effort. Vice President Biden won ten states, while Senator Sanders only won four.

Combine that with the fact that The Young Turks host and Bernie supporter Cenk Uyger lost his primary for what was Katie Hill’s seat the same day, and you have a hilarious failure regarding populism.

Some Bernie supporters are arguing that it is the fault of Senator Warren as to why Senator Sanders didn’t do so well. However, one must wonder why so many people would prefer to vote for a candidate who has no chance of winning as opposed to the leading progressive.

But that’s not even true, even if you were to add Warren’s vote to Bernie’s Biden would still have won Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Virginia. In fact,it’s arguable Sanders only won California because a large amount of Biden voters went for Michael Bloomberg, and the same can be said about Colorado and Utah (where Biden actually got third). Wait, that’s every state Bernie won except his home state of Vermont!

Now theories are going around that the Biden campaign asked Buttigieg, Steyer, and Klobuchar to drop out in return for a spot in Biden’s cabinet — which progressives are saying counts as cheating. First off, no evidence of this claim exists and as I just showed above, it’s quite odd if Biden has a magic “make people drop out” button he did not find the time to use it on Bloomberg.

He also, according to these folks, used the magic “don’t drop out” button on Elizabeth Warren. Despite the fact that every major progressive has been informing her all along that the only thing she’s good for is taking votes away from Bernie, someone from the Biden campaign must have told her to stay in.

Again, no evidence of this conversation happening exists.

Maybe, just maybe, the reason Bernie lost was simple. Because populism is simply unpopular. The people who Bernie claims to fight for do not fell like he’s doing a good job. Basically, our democratic system is out work.

Claims exist of big money being the reason. But Bloomberg outspent Biden many times over, yet he did not win. No, the answer is simple: People did not want to vote for Senator Bernie Sanders.

Writer On Both History And Politics; Peaceful Globalist; Follow My Twitter: @EphromJosine1

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