Ephrom Runs A Victory Lap

So, now Trump’s solution to the COVID-19 crisis is a vaccination. Nothing unusual about that, considering the idea of a vaccination for COVID-19, though unlikely, is a common dream. However, what is noteworthy is where he’s trying to get it — from Russia.

But wait a minute, that’s globalism! Trump actually gave taxpayer money to three people different American drug companies, and instead is engaging in free trade with Russia.

Wait a minute, I thought this was the end of globalism. Isn’t that what Pat Buchanan told me:

It may one day be said that the coronavirus delivered the deathblow to the New World Order, to a half-century of globalization, and to the era of interdependence of the world’s great nations.

I thought that was what Sohrab Ahmari told me:

Yes, Trump has had his predictable crisis-management shortcomings, from sending petty tweets at Mitt Romney to loose talk about quarantining New York. But fact is, to his voters, Trump remains an ­avatar of common sense about China and the whole utopian vision of a borderless world, in which every other good had to be sacrificed on the altar of efficiency and cheap consumer goods.

I clearly remember Ann Coulter asking if:

Is it really worth paying $3 for a T-shirt at Walmart, rather than $9?

I’ll admit, I rarely support Donald Trump, but I love nothing more than when he disappoints his supporters. With that said, I would like it if he admitted the trade war was a scam and ended all tariffs, including on nations like France that he decided to put on because he was mad.

Some will respond by saying the trade war was just with China — first off, if that’s the case why has he engaged in protectionism with any other nation? Hey, anyone remember when Donald Trump complained about our reliance on goods from Canada?

During a Fox News interview, Trump also stated that he had no interest in protecting Hong Kong — whether the resulted in Josh Hawley crying in the corner is still unknown. His given reason was that it was kind of hard, a reasoning previously exposed by Josh Hammer (silly me, I forgot about all those revolutions against the largest nation on Earth that also doubles as an imperialist superpower that were easy).

Of course, Hong Kong was the most capitalist (and the least protectionist) nation on the planet. China wanted them specifically because they were so ideology different from the authoritarian (and protectionist) nation of China. Of course, Trump is doing this because he, like all nationalists, didn’t actually care about Hong Kong — because he does not care about global capitalism and is actively in favor of protectionism and authoritarianism.

To put it simply, the trade war was a scam, used as an excuse for authoritarian and to force nationalism down the throats of Americans without going through the proper debates. The President has been convincing people that China is out to get them while not caring about China’s worst actions, he also wants us to believe all Muslims are terrorists (remember the Muslim ban?) while also wanting us to hate China because they hate Muslims (the actions of which he praised in private conversations).

To put it simply, if you believe the trade war is in your best interest, you’re wrong.