Ephrom At Freedom First: How To Argue For Statism

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Here’s what you have to understand about libertarians, we want people to explain to us why we’re wrong and the state is right. I’m being serious. No one wants to believe what they live under is awful, and that idea is what libertarianism is all about. We want people to have a good defensive of the state, yet, we see the same arguments over and over again.

Many years ago Lord T. Hawkeye made a video simply called “How To Argue For Statism.” Travis Retriever expanded on that in a now deleted post on deviantART. Five years ago, Shane Killian made a video expanding on both these ideas, and that brings us to where we are today.

As someone who was made a ancap through Shane’s videos, I figured I owe it to him to go through his old arguments and update them for 2019. Consider this the “Game of the Year edition” to his original video.

So if you believe in the state and want to convince a libertarian, here’s both what you need to do and what you need to not do.

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