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Rep. Steve King lost his primary last night. Between the five candidates, King came in second with 36%, losing to Randy Feenstra with just under 46% of the vote. Not only did he lose, a mandate was set — the people of Iowa did not want Steve King.

This annoyed all the right people. Just read what The Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin had to say on this topic:

There goes your one Congressman that defended the white race.

This was an organized primary campaign by the Jews to push this man out of office. No one votes in primaries, unless they’re nominating a presidential candidate. So Jews were able to organize a big push to get Steve King removed.

Because that’s “democracy,” goy.

Actually, over 80,000 people voted in this primary. Unless you believe there are 51,538 Jews in Iowa’s 4th District who just decided to come out of nowhere to vote against King — which, knowing Andrew Anglin, he more than likely does believe.

While on the topic of this article:

The “when did this become offensive?” was a well-known hoax by the New York Times, claiming that he said “white supremacy” wasn’t offensive when actually he said “Western civilization” shouldn’t be in the same category as “white supremacy.” This was figured out, and basically admitted, but they just kept bringing it up anyway.

Hey Andrew, remember when you said this?

Steve King is basically an open white nationalist at this point.

Scott Greer was also not a fan of this. Here’s what he Tweeted in response to the news that King lost:

another blackpill to the pile

However, what I found the most odd was the amount of people who said nothing. Where’s ZoomerClips? Where’s Ryan Girdusky? Where’s Ann Coulter? It seems like they’re going out of their way to not mention that the one Congressman who promotes what they want just lost — and I can’t blame them.

I mean, look at this Tweet from Grindusky regarding Amash’s new bill to end qualified immunity:

Justin Amash is doing the work of George Soros.

This must be a firm line in the sand. Qualified immunity protects good police officers from being personally sued for doing their job.

Any Republicans that sign on to this bill must be defeated. Red line in the sand.

That threat happens to mean quite a bit less if you can’t even keep your people already in Congress.

Wait, I thought libertarians were on their way out and white nationalists were the way of the future. You could think, if anything, Steve King would be primarying some other Republican — not the other way around.

Of course, this is just the start — imagine the tantrum that is going to be thrown when Kobach and Sessions lose later in the summer. The nationalist-right is just trying to not die on a hill they know they’re going to lose, hoping the only reason King lost was because of his bad publicity. In truth, Sessions and Kobach are also behind in their polls — and have been behind for much longer than King was, by the way.

This is why I am so happy King lost, not because I like the guy he ran against, I don’t know him. I like his loss because of what it represents, a move away from Trumpism.

We all know King made his comments because he assumed he could get away with it due to Trump being President. Considering he lost, it puts the nationalists on their toes, knowing they can’t get away with everything like they thought they could.

This fear is amazing, and I am in full support of it.

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