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People, I’m not normally the kind of man who calls for immigration restriction. However, I have found my exception, ungrateful right-wing immigrant commentators who themselves constantly call for authoritarian government and immigration restriction.

Target 1: Sohrab Ahmari.

Here’s a recent Tweet from this ungrateful invader:

One of the blessings of embracing political Catholicism is never having to defend the atrocious slaver Thomas Jefferson. There are many men in the Founding generation whose life and ideas I can admire. But not Jefferson.

Yes, that is someone who lives in America bashing the man who wrote the document that made America independent and then bought the land that made us an economic and agricultural superpower. This is like going into someones house to insult there grandfather, what a failure to assimilate we see here.

May I remind you, this man is from Iran — maybe he would rather live under Islamic rule as a Catholic than the rule of Thomas Jefferson. Love it or leave it Mr. Ahrami, or should I say, Ruhollah Khomeini. Yep, doesn’t matter that he’s been dead since 1989, I promise you this innocent looking New York Post writer is a double agent for Iran.

Okay, I’m being a little sarcastic, obviously I don’t support thought crimes. However, I find this trend of nationalists begging for more restrictions when all they’ve benefited from is lack of restrictions to be quite annoying.

Let’s start with this, despite his love of tradition “political Catholicism,” is not an American value. The last Presidential Candidate to have it was John Kerry in 2004, and he lost. John F. Kennedy barley won in 1960 and many voted for Nixon that same year out of fear the Pope would run the country. And who can forget Al Smith, who got his ass kicked by Herbert Hoover in 1928 partly because Smith was a Catholic.

Only two of America’s founding fathers (Charles Carroll and Thomas Fitzsimons) were Catholics. In fact, the most Christian founding father was easily John Adams — and he hated Catholics quite a bit.

The fact is, Catholics have benefited from a progressive society which many of them hate. Because of progressive values they are not discriminated against, they are not sold into slavery, and they are not going to be burned alive. I disagree with Shaun (from Shaun and Jen) on a lot, but he did once make this very good point: Most people are part of tons of minority groups, and they will find out which ones when people start being thrown into camps for having the wrong nose size.

Lets also talk about the fact that the Catholic Church and many majority Catholic areas had slavery. French colonies didn’t abolish it until 1848 while Jefferson wrote against slavery in 1820. As Shane Killian has constantly pointed out, it took 18 centuries for the values of Judea-Christianity to consider slavery as an evil.

It was the ideas of the Enlightenment that started leading to a movement against slavery, which Christians tried to stop tooth and nail. Where are all the anti-slavery clauses in the Bible?

The fact is, if the religious fundamentalists of there day got there way, Ahmari would either still be in Iran for being born outside the United States or be killed for being Catholic. Most of the founders kept religion to themselves (Washington refused to answer any question on his religion, even when asked by a clergy. And Jefferson said religion is “a matter for me and me alone.”) but of the ones that were open about there believes, way more were deist or protestant.

Let’s talk about this trend of Immigrants against Immigration. While Sohrab is one example, he is far from the only one.

For instance, did you know Yorman Hazony (author of The Virtue Of Nationalism) is on dual citizenship? That’s pretty odd for someone who believes in glue based soil.

How about Indian immigrant Dinesh D’Souza? In his book The Enemy’s At Home he not only argues it’s our culture that caused 9/11, but that those Islamic terrorists are right and we should censor ourselves in order to stop them.

Oh, and here’s why his wife said she got a divorce:

It is my former husband who has an abusive nature. In one instance, it was my husband who physically abused me in April 2012 when he, using his purple belt karate skills, kicked me in the head and shoulder, knocking me to the ground and creating injuries that pain me to this day.

Why is he allowed in this country?

The fact is, if these anti-immigrant activists and commentators were consistent, many of them would be gone. I don’t even mean in the sense that we all came from immigrants, I mean in the sense that many of them are immigrants.

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