Denver Makes Magic Mushrooms Legal

Ephrom Josine
2 min readMay 9, 2019

Denver, the capital of the State of Colorado, recently passed a ballot initiative narrowly that decriminalized Psychedelic Mushrooms (or Magic Mushrooms).

Although they won’t be legal to sell commercially, police have been instructed to not consider it a priority. It makes sense Colorado would do this considering they were one of the first states to legalize Marijuana for commercial use just earlier this decade. Due to the overwhelming success of this previous policy, it makes sense other smaller areas of the state would continue to build where the state government is dragging its feet.

This would be another step towards ending the nonsense war on drugs, a war started by Nixon and put into overdrive by Reagan. Since then, drugs have only gotten cheaper and more available to the point of absurdity.

Magic Mushrooms, like many other hallucinogenics, have been proven to be of medical benefit through the use of “micro-dosing.” Or, taking an amount of a drug so small you don’t actually hallucinate even while the drug has effects on your brain. This has been proven to help people with depression, anxiety, and many other mental disorders. Although, in the case of many, Marijuana is still a better way to treat that then Magic Mushrooms.

This is also a great way to show the nation rather Magic Mushrooms are truly the concern many believe they are. I have very little doubt Denver’s experiment will turn out positively causing other grassroots movements to form across the country that supports the legalization of other substances.

This is nothing but a positive for those against the War on Drugs, as it helps sets the standard that drug users are simply people who use different substances.

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