Democratic Primary: Substance Optional

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What is the first thing you notice about the image above? It shouldn’t be who is on the list, instead it is who is not on. Neither Andrew Yang — whose polls numbers are rampantly rising and shows a better chance of getting the nomination than Senator Klobuchar — and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Yet, the early polls see Sanders as in nothing but first or second place, basically neck and neck with Vice President Biden. To put it simply, if Biden does not jump in it is almost certain Sanders will become the nomination. Yet, where’s Bernie?

During the 2016 primary, Senator Rubio was infamously asked how good he thought Trump would do in the primary of his home state. Rubio got a little angry, although who wouldn’t? If they asked Trump in New York how well he thought Cruz would do, he would be just as annoyed.

You guys know, I try to keep you guys updated with candidates you might not have heard of. However, that becomes much harder when the candidates give you nothing to talk about. Which is especially a shame because not all of these candidates are necessarily bad. I would love to be able to support Pete Buttigeig or Jay Inslee, but even in a primary of nothing they barley count as part of this universe.

CNN (a network I am not a fan of) host Chris Cillizza has been caught many times just making up polls that put Kamala Harris in the lead, they can never point to a source for these numbers. Why isn’t this being investigated? We here so much about the “fake news” media being bias towards Democrats, which is not always wrong, but we never here which Democrats they are bias towards specifically.

Here’s another example: Remember when 548 announced some of there top “journalists” supported Senator Klobuchar before she had even formed an exploratory committee? Supporting Biden or Beto made sense — Biden was just Vice-President and Beto had just got a large amount of publicity, but Cloud Boot Jar?

This is also why the proposal are getting sillier and sillier — at least in the headlines. Former Department Housing and Urban Sectary Julian Castro recently announced his support for reparations to African-Americans for slavery, in the headlines. He actually wants to do a study on reparations done by a committee or something I don’t know.

This is what the media does, it makes policies sound more extreme than they are (during the primary, at least) in order to have the name of the candidate become more and more well known. Once again, so they don’t have to mention the only three progressive candidates in the race (Yang, Sanders, and Gabbard).

Out of all of these, I find Colorado governor John Hickenlooper to be the funniest. When explaining his campaign, he has only been able to say he wants to “bring people together” and “get stuff gone.” What does that mean? I have no idea.

Basically, do not fall for the narrative of the main-stream media.

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