Woman Who Made Up Science Against Transgenders Complains Transgenders Make Up Science

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You guys ever heard the term “a match made in Heaven?” If today has proven anything, it’s that Hell is a better matchmaker than many give it credit for.

For those unaware, PragerU is a YouTube channel created by right-wing radio host and political commentator Dennis Prager. To give you an idea of his stance on the LGBT, his first two ventures in the public light involved an incredibly homophobic essay and testifying in front of Congress in favor of DOMA.

The host of this video, as PragerU usually likes to have guest hosts regurgitate Dennis’s opinion, is a woman named Abigail Shirer. She became infamous for writing a Wall Street Journal article (which should show you the kind of person she is) on the concept of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria. Or the idea that being around transgenders will make you more likely to be a transgender yourself. If this sounds like a scary way of saying “No one knew they were trans before they knew what being trans was,” that’s because it is.

What made this especially interesting is PragerU released a preview to this video on Friday. That same day, I published an article going over a recent controversy involving putting protections for Transgenders in the Civil Rights Act. Coincidence? I think not!

It should be noted, there’s a very good chance this article is going to be a long one. This is because of two reasons:

  1. The video is very disjointed.

As such, the only way I can think of to get address every point I would like is to copy and paste — more or less — the entire script and just comment when I see an issue.

So enjoy:

If you want to control people’s thoughts, begin by controlling their words. That’s totalitarian thinking.

And it seems to be pretty ineffective considering you’re still allowed around. In about ten hours, this video has gotten 200,000 views. If the trans movement is totalitarian in nature, they are among the dumbest totalitarians in human history.

It was once completely foreign to America.

Hey, Prager U? Why haven’t you made a video on either Red Scare? You know, when many Americans were forced to toe a completely capitalist line or else force major social punishment.

Or how about the Palmer raids? That time the United States captured American citizens and sent them to Russia because they were left-wing.

Or how about that time President Truman signed an executive order making it legal to fire someone on the basis of being a communist? These are very similar to what you’re talking about in this video, yet, they are never mentioned.

Case in point:

Not anymore.

I guess “Transgenders are the modern anti-communists,” didn’t sound like a good video idea.

Take, for example, the issue of transgenderism, the newest “civil rights battle” of our time.

Wasn’t that the sarcastic title of my Friday article?

A decade ago, few people could even tell you what the word “transgender” meant.

No one has used the word “Bedroom” before the late 16th century. No one had even heard of the idea of gravity until the mid to late 17th century. Does that mean neither of these things existed beforehand?

We have evidence of transgenderism going back to ancient Egypt. The first movie to be about a transgender individual that reached any amount of mainstream attention was Ed Wood’s Glen or Glenda, which was released in 1953. The idea has been in mainstream attention for a long time, we just called it different things.

Consider recent state and local actions punishing those who decline to use an individual’s pronouns of choice. In 2017, California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation threatening jail time for health-care professionals who “willfully and repeatedly” refuse to use a patient’s preferred pronouns.

While I’ll give you credit for honestly mentioning it is only if the person is doing such “willfully and repeatedly,” it just makes your point worse. Mainly because, these are health-care professionals. For that matter, there is nothing stopping a doctor from refusing to take a transgender patent or never using pronouns if they really must have to.

However, I can also not give you points for full honesty. The legislation she is referring to only applies to senior citizens. If a senior citizen has Alzheimer and thinks it’s 1980 and tomorrow he’s going to go and vote for Bob Dole for President, bedside manners determine you have to play along. Yet, ask the doctor to change what pronouns are used, and then it’s an issue of freedom of speech.

Under guidelines issued in 2015 by New York City’s Commission on Human Rights, employers, landlords and business owners who intentionally use the wrong pronoun with transgender workers and tenants face potential fines of as much as $250,000.

I was unable to find a single example of this law being enforced. Almost certainly because anyone was fined under this, a court case would occur and the law would be considered unconstitutional. Which I’ll give you it is. However, why not bring such a law to court and have a judge with a law degree decide?

What about the vast majority of citizens who hold the biology-based view that chromosomes determine your sex — male or female?

Can I get a percentage of exactly how many Americans believe this? But as for the people who do, I guess they’ll just have to suffer the same way the majority of Americans who voted for Hillary Clinton have been for the past two years.

Or those who have a deep-seated religious conviction that sex is both biological and binary — God’s purposeful creation?

They can refuse to associate with any and every transgender person in the United States. I may not know what every transgender believes, but I promise you almost none of them will mind.

In December of 2018, Peter Vlaming was fired from his job as a French-language teacher in a Virginia school district because he refused to refer to a transgender student by the student’s preferred pronouns. Vlaming’s Christian belief prevented him from bowing before the notion that the student, who had been a “she” in his class the year before, was now suddenly a “he.”

I assume he then got Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria and is now a transgender. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Aren’t their tons of Christian schools in this country that have rules specifically against being transgender? Why is he unable to work at one of those schools? If he truly felt he was being targeted, he could sue the school and let the courts decide. Especially because you later mention that courts have determined compelled speech is against the law:

In West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette (1943), the Supreme Court upheld the students’ right to refuse to salute an American flag. Justice Robert Jackson wrote, “If there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation, it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, religion or other matters of opinion.” And, Jackson went on to say, the state can’t force people to say things they don’t believe.

So why can’t these people go to court and have these laws struck down and have these decisions reversed?

The Fairfax County School District in Virginia removed the phrase “biological gender” from its curriculum and replaced it with the phrase “sex assigned at birth.”

Those mean exactly the same thing.

This is how the left legislates away the concept of biological sex without ever having to make the argument. Without ever having to convince anyone. They’re trying to make “sex assigned at birth” as trivial and malleable as “name assigned at birth” — as if some doctor arbitrarily chose for you on the day you were born.

Can you give me a quote of someone saying that?

Overall: This video could best be summed up as someone screaming they let the opposition win. If you really have a case so strong the Supreme Court has supported it, you should be going to court and not complaining on YouTube.

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