Dear Courtney Kirchoff: For the Love of God, Enough with the Hypocrisy

Ephrom Josine
5 min readJun 18, 2019

Louder With Crowder Editor at Large Courtney Kirchoff released a column today in response to a comment made by Rep. Cortez (D-NY) comparing migrant detention centers to concentration camps. Here’s what she had to say:

Say it with me, morons: the only thing that’s like the Holocaust is the Holocaust. And maybe abortion, since that’s kind of genocide minus the kind of. Sorry if this is awkward, but you nitwits also support abortion, which is an act of genocide against the unborn like the Holocaust was an act of genocide against Jews. Just if you were wondering how I arrived at such an obvious conclusion. But we’ll circle back to that.

I like this argument for all the wrong reasons. Mostly because that’s not how genocide actually works. Genocide, by definition, is state enforced. Far as I’m aware, nowhere in this country are women forced to have abortions. If you can point me to one example of this happen, please inform me.

But here’s the point of this article, here are some other statements Kirchoff made. And by the way, every paragraph is from a different article:

And there you have it. So the question isn’t was Curt Schilling right about Muslim extremists being like Nazis. Because he was right. The question is, why did he cave to internet bullying and pull the tweet down? So much for free speech.

That’s right, abortion is a favorite tool of people with Nazi-ish ambitions, like culling the human population of undesirables. That’s the long way of me saying if you support abortion for “black people” or any other group of people (like those with disabilities) you’re probably a terrible person. Also, a racist. Just always remember Hitler loved abortion like he loved gun control. So next time you want to employ the “Trump and conservatives are Literally Hitler” schtick, don’t.

Yesterday, Democrats voted against a bill which would require babies who survived abortions to receive medical care. A move as shocking as Satan supporting Adolf Hitler’s choice in facial hair.

CALIFORNIA: Governor Jerry Brown Goes Full Nazi with Oppressive Water Restrictions

Leftists, on the other hand, want all of your greenbacks, complete control of your innermost thoughts, and all of your boom sticks. If you don’t meet their demands, said leftists will burn your property to the ground and beat you until you look like a squashed tomato. Really, it’s the left who are just a pair of jack boots and a mustache short of full-blown Nazi-dom.

These “fascists” you’re pretending to fight? Seek an uncracked mirror. Preferably one you’ve yet to trample in your unhinged rage. Because spoiler alert, you’re the fascists. You’re the Nazis. You’re the intolerant hatelords you claim to be fighting. Meaning we have a disturbing diagnosis. You are suffering from both dissociation and projection. Seek professional help, stat. Or use your fists not to hit others but yourselves.

Leftist or Obama apologists will claim we’re being paranoid. Fine, I respect your freedom to think whatever you wish. Leftist apologists will say we’re being unfair in comparing their dear leader (Obama or anyone else) to any dictator. Fine, you’re free to tell me whatever you’d like. But if any of you apologists out there want to “report” this post to the government because you dislike it and think it should be removed… congratulations, you’ve proved the point. Where I believe in diversity of thought and more speech and not less, you have deemed anything that goes against your view of government as worthy of banning.

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Dear Bill Nye, The Fascist, Anti-Freedom, Non-Scientist Guy

Medium tells me that was 424 words of you comparing people you don’t like to NAZI’s. Louder With Crowder is a website that goes back and forth between saying leftists call everyone fascists and calling leftists fascists.

For the record: I’m not a leftist, I’m an anarchist capitalist. However, I hate people who pretend to be principled more than anything else. If I can search up a term you say you don’t use on your website and find you using it, you’re not worth listening too. And, by the way, you are not, in any form, independent media.

In fact, she even links her calling Hillary Clinton Hitler in the article:

Enough already. Donald Trump is no more Hitler than Hillary Clinton is Mother Theresa. We’ve debunked the Trump is Literally Hitler DNC talking point extensively, so if you need a refresher, check out this easily digestible video.

Here are the four things that make you a NAZI:

#1- Gun Control

Yes, I know the words are “Gun Registration,” but how he describes it makes it clear he’s talking about gun control

Hillary wants to do away with the Second Amendment. The Nazi’s prohibited people from owning guns, especially the Jews. But the Nazis themselves? They were allowed guns. Sound familiar?

#2- Higher Taxes

#3- Economic Policies

Not sure how this is different enough from “higher taxes” to not just merge these two sections, but okay. Also, this quote is funny:

Nazis and Hitler loved public works programs. Like building “roads and bridges.” While bullying the private sector. Let that sink in.

#4- Abortion

These guys (rightfully) love there guns. They even did a throwback on a speech President Reagan gave in 1983:

The accepted media narrative is that you can’t question someone’s opinions on gun control if they’ve had a bullet fly in their direction. Unless their name is Kyle Kashuv. Or Steve Scalise. Probably Ronald Reagan as well who, two years after an assassination attempt, addressed the NRA in 1983.

This is odd because he signed the Firearm Owners Protection Act into law which made it illegal to own a fully automatic weapon. Is he a fascist now? I hope so, because screw that guy.

The second and third one are examples of Keynesian economics which existed for about half a century before Hitler came to power. And the forth one is just funny for reasons already established.

All I ask for is consistency.

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