David Duke Becomes A Swing Voter

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I would like this start this article by saying I am not a fan of Dr. Duke — and the fact I have to state that is proof the public has become more and more unreasonable. I do not particularly care about David Duke, to be frank. In fact, you’d be heart-pressed to fine a leftist anti-Zionist who is a fan of this man. Progressives and leftists are usually not fans of former members of the KKK unless they really make up for it (such as Hugo Black). Amazing, I know.

I’ve noticed the start of a small party realignment happening since the Trump administration started which I plan to make a lot of money pretending never happened. Before, it was true that when someone engaged in identity politics they were usually on the left, even if it was not as common as Republicans made it out to be. These days, it seems that Republican Zoomers on twitter are the most likely to use identity politics than any other group throughout history.

“Planned Parenthood engages in eugenics, welfare is a plot to keep minorities poor, legislation that puts criminals in prison are racist,” are all statements that can be found on popular Republican twitter accounts. Don’t believe me? Just look:

The only newsworthy aspect of today’s Baby Hitler nontroversy (sic) is that the eugenicist Left now advocates killing people for crimes they haven’t committed.- Michael Knowles (109K followers)

The welfare system was created to marry black Americans to the government. Since its creation, our communities have deteriorated and our progress, across virtually every single metric, has dramatically declined. The single motherhood rate has jumped to a staggering 74% in our community thanks to policies that encourage father absence — more children equates to more welfare benefits. Crime, poverty, abortion — every problem that inflicts our community today can be traced back to a detrimental government policy.

Planned Parenthood is a federally-funded racist organization. It should be defunded (sic) immediately. It set out with the purpose of putting a stop to black births. It’s stated mission was to put a stop to black population growth. Perhaps more horrific than its genesis is the current outcome; they have been successful in their mission. Black population growth in America has completely stagnated. Black women, who account for just 6% of the population represent over 40% of all abortions.-Candace Owens (1.11M Followers)

(1994)BILL CLINTON signs the Crime Bill Act (Incarcerated Most Black Men in history)

(2000–2008)GEORGE BUSH “*Silence*”

(2008–2016)BARACK OBAMA “*Silence*”

(2018) DONALD TRUMP signs The First Step Act

Why did it almost take 25 years to fix this?-TheMikelCrump(8K followers but good friends with CJ Pearson who has 270K)

And who could forget Kanye’s big rant about how Democrats are the reason his father left him or something.

This has gotten so bad that even the president has fell for it. Bringing a convicted drug dealer to the State of the Union to promote his prison reform act. So African-Americans can sell all the drugs they like, just as long as they didn’t come from Mexico.

It is because of this, I take the idea of Rep. Omar being supported by David Duke to be ridiculous on the surface. However, the right says that must be what’s happening.

Nothing to see here folks! Just the former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan celebrating a party which thinks that black people are stupid and Jews should be hated. I respect @AOC and @IlhanMN for finally exposing the Left for exactly what they are: Hateful, racist bigots.-Candace Owens

I hear @KevinMKruse is working feverishly on a Twitter thread to prove that, contrary to popular belief, Ilhan Omar is a racist Dixiecrat who long ago defected to the GOP-Dinesh D’Souza (1.15M Followers)

Of course, the question of “Why is a white supremacist supporting a Muslim congresswoman,” never crossed there minds.

Mind you, there is a real case you can make that corporate media is being bias with it endlessly covering Trump being supported by Duke but not Omar. That would not be a good case considering Trump being supported by Duke happened years ago and he only announced his support for Omar today, but it’s a case you could make. Now that I think about, after Duke showed even mild support for Gabbard she was nearly forced to resign in shame.

For that matter, both Democratic Presidential candidates Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang have gotten intense criticism for appearing on Tucker Carlson’s show — the only FOX Host I’ve ever had any respect for due to him calling out wars, free-market fundamentalism, and the president breaking his campaign promises — due to him being a “white supremacist.” Of course, these are the people who think everyone they don’t like is Hitler — I even once had a Libertarian Socialist tell me on Twitter his anti-war stance was racist. A stance completely supported— might I add — by the popular leftist site “libcom.

And of course, people don’t scream for nearly as long when — just today — 23 Republicans in the House voted against a resolution to condemn antisemitism. A resolution even the evil antisemitic duo of Omar and Tlaib voted in favor of.

I also do personally feel it’s a little different when a man re-registers as a Republican like he did after endorsing Trump (after holding office for 3 years in the Louisiana State House as a Republican, while running for the House, Senate, Governor, and President as a Republican) and . . . merely supporting Gabbard and Omar. But that’s just me. Also, remember when the DNC was telling us we need to focus on swing voters?

Medium tells me I’ve written four minutes worth of content (or about 930 words), so I’ll get to the point. Sorry, just felt I had to get all of that off my chest before I address the real issue.

Here is what Dr.Duke said in the description of the controversial podcast:

Today Dr. Duke and Eric Striker of the Public Space had the kind of fun and informative show we have come to expect from our Thunder and Lightning Thor’s Day broadcasts. In particular, they heaped praise on Ilhan Omar (D-New Somalia) for being the one person in Congress willing to notice AIPAC and the “dual” loyalty of many (((members of Congresss (sic)))).

Another question these people should have asked; “Why would someone who supports an Islamist in congress give her home state the name ‘New Somalia’?”

Duke is only compromising to support a minority over his hatred of the Jews. Duke denies the holocaust, Omar does not. Duke wants to destroy Israel, Omar does not. And what was that thing Omar said that got everyone so angry?

Oh yeah, that people are trying to make all criticism of Israel look antisemitism? She’s being proven more and more right every day.

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