Calling Biden A Racist Won’t Do Anything

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Well, Biden is a racist now — again. What did he say? During an interview with The Breakfast Club Biden said the following:

If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black.

For the record, Biden was asked what he’d do for the black community by Charlamagne The God, a very black man himself. Charlamagne has even defended Biden’s comments and his current support for Biden.

For the record, what Biden said was a hyperbolic set up before he talked about what he had done for the black community. I talked about this on my podcast last night, but here is the part most of pro-Trump twitter has never shown you:

Take a look at my record man, I extended the Voting Rights Act by 25 years, I have a record that is second to none, the NAACP has endorsed me every time I run, but, come on, take a look at the record.

So Biden said that his record with African-Americans is so good that if you claim he does not help them you are not African-American. In the process, he made a hyperbolic statement — a quite stupid hyperbolic statement — to demonstrate that.

Biden, by the way, is still polling at 81% among African-Americans, Trump is polling at 3%.

However, that didn’t stop the Blexit people from ignoring all context and calling Biden a racist. Jesse Lee Peterson tweeted the following on this topic:

.@JoeBidento blacks: Stay in your place nigg*ers #JoeBiden #Trump #MAGA2020

Jesse Lee Peterson is so stupid he cannot even bleep himself correctly. Hey, can you imagine what the backlash would be if Biden had said this:

I’ve often said that, ‘Thank God for slavery,’ because, you know, had not, then the blacks over here would have been stuck in Africa… Everybody and their Mama are trying to get out of Africa and come to America and so God has a way of looking out for folks and He made it possible by way of slavery to get black folks into this country.

I ask because that’s a direct quote from Jesse Lee Peterson.

Candace Owens, the founder of the Blexit movement, said the following:

REMINDER BLACK PEOPLE: If you don’t do the bidding for wealthy white Democrats “YOU AIN’T BLACK”. Just IMAGINE the media reaction if @realDonaldTrump said this to a black person that asked questions about his policies? Or if Trump said “ain’t” when speaking to black people?

The last sentence is what I find the weirdest about this Tweet. “Ain’t,” for those who don’t know, started off as a word used by wealthy white people in England. While the lower class did start using it later, it was lower class white people, and now it’s considered working class speak in general. It’s not “urban slang” nor is it even close to “Ebonics.”

If this controversy sounds familiar, that’s because we’ve had this same song and dance a number of times this election cycle. During the first debate, Senator Harris tried to prove Biden was a racist by pointing out his history of working with segregationists.

I talk about these claims in my book Ramblings Of A Mad Man: Life As An Anarchist, but to nobody’s surprise, most of them are total nonsense. Any of the segregationists that were claimed Biden worked with changed their views on race later on.

Here’s a general rule, before around the mid-20th century, everyone was racist. What else were you suppose to be? Not racist? That’s a laugh.

However, Biden did have a limit. During the 1976 Presidential Election, for example, Biden said that he’d sooner vote for President Ford than Alabama Governor, and famous segregationist, George Wallace. The same, by the way, could not be said about Senator Sanders, who praised Wallace in 1976 for connecting with the working class.

However, do you know who really doesn’t seem to care about these scandals? African-Americans! Remember, it was African-Americans who saved Biden’s campaign through voting for him in South Carolina. This was even after Senator Sanders was endorsed by Jesse Jackson, clearly in hopes African-Americans would change their minds and go for Sanders.

One of the main phrases I remember hearing in anti-SJW circles a few years back was “the bigotry of low expectations.” Basically, it was in reference to when a white liberal argued that a minority group could not prove themselves in a meritocracy.

I notice that phrase went away when the Blexit movement started up. After all, it’s basically based on the bigotry of low expectations. Specifically, this idea that African-Americans are too stupid to realize who is harming them because they’ve been brainwashed.

You know, I remember back in 2016 Donald Trump was accused of being a racist quite a bit. If you want to see how well that attack worked, remember that Donald Trump won the election.

Now Republicans are using the least effective attacks from 2016. Rather it be that Biden is a racist, or that Biden is a rapist because of the Tara Reade accusations, or that Biden is actually a stooge to some foreign power. The Republicans seem to want to run on what the Democrats did back in 2016, considering Democrats lost the Presidency and failed to gain control of the House and Senate, I, as a longstanding critic of the Republican Party, encourage this.

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