“But What About The Fetus’s Choice” (And Other Pro-Life Arguments)

Recently, the Twitter account for the pro-life group Live Action (by the way, it’s always “recently,” because they only post about ten different Tweets) posted the following political cartoon:

With that cartoon, they gave this caption:

Now, I assume “I,” in this post is talking about the fetus. I’m pretty sure Lila Rose is smart enough to understand why people don’t ask her if they should have an abortion.

Now allow me to answer that question with another question: If I want to kick someone out of my house, should I first make sure they’re okay with it? Of course not.

But what about if it’s during a blizzard? Or how about if it’s during a lightning storm and they’re wearing all metal? Or what if they don’t have any shoes and there might be used heroine needles all across where you live? The answer, to be quite clear, is still no. They have no say about if I choose to allow you to live on my property.

This is what I find odd about many libertarians — a number of which I find to be quite intelligent — falling for pro-life. In a way, they have moved to on this issue embrace the oddest form of utilitarianism. I see little difference with the idea that a woman must be forced to carry a baby to term and the idea that we should stab homeless people and harvest there organs, something many utilitarians see as a strawman against them.

Yet, some libertarians see abortion as a violation of the non-aggression principle. Or, in the case of Austin Petersen who has ran for President as a Libertarian and for Senate as a Republican, that the non-aggression principle is wrong because it could allow abortion. How he could be a libertarian while rejecting the non-aggression principle is something I will never understand, because it’s impossible.

However, and this is the big however, what is in your body should always remain up to you. I find it so odd that many of my fellow libertarians believe in the right to do some of the most horrible things imaginable in regards to your body, but when something could theoretically be called human later on then we have an issue.

Pro-life ideologies is all around nonsense. Trying to justify it through libertarianism is also nonsense, and proves you might not have as much interest in libertarianism as you might think.

Writer On Both History And Politics; Peaceful Globalist; Follow My Twitter: @EphromJosine1

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