But I Thought The Iranians Loved Terrorists?

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The imagine above was posted to the Twitter of left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore on 1/8/2020. He posted the following caption with it:

Just wondering — is there an American General for whom millions of us would turn out for his funeral? Mad Dog? Kelly? Colin Powel? William Westmoreland? Can anyone even name the chair of the Joint Chiefs?We all support those who serve but would we pour into the streets like this?

I should note it would be quite odd for Westmoreland to hold a funeral most of us could currently turn up to because he has been dead since 2005.

Moore isn’t the only one to say that the Iranian people just want to live under terrorism and authoritarianism. MSNBC host Chris Matthews said recently that the death of Soleimani was like the death of Elvis. Because a brutal terrorist and a pop star are comparable now I guess.

I would say I don’t get these people, but that implies they are hard to understand. This is generic “conflict bad” ideology — sometimes also called pacifism — that has harmed the human race since it was first founded. In fact, even if it were true that the people of Iran loved a mass murderer and a terrorist, that would still not make killing him — especially when he plans to attack the United States — a bad thing. Unless you honestly want us to adapt the Iranian style of living, you cannot use Iranians as a source for what is and isn’t a good move.

Sohrab Ahmari, who himself is Iranian, tweeted the following on the topic:

Both of these statements are true:

(a) Broad swaths of the Iranian society, especially urban, educated middle classes, detest the regime.

(b) The regime also has a real base and can *sometimes* mobilize Iranian nationalism even among group (a). To deny this is madness.

Do you know what the (a) group could do under a democratic Iran? They could run for office and make the case for his policy to the people of Iran. All that’s asked is that they have to run for office and argue for these policies to the people.

However, let’s ask ourselves how many Iranians really do love the people the United States has killed?

Well, over the weekend first hand reports found massive protests that involved ripping up pictures of Soleimani. I don’t recall anyone doing that to Elvis.

At the same time, a video came out of various Iranians — easily in the hundreds — refusing to walk over the flags of the United States and Israel. Odd, I could have sworn Iranians were all just a hive-minds with one opinion and one opinion only.

The idea that Iran does not hate the terrorists we hate is simply ignorant. The majority of the population would like reforms, the same as we would like. Maybe not the same reforms, but reforms none the less.

Some might compare this to the logic used to invade Iraq, but the logic was objectively true in Iraq. After we captured Saddam, it was the people of Iraq who put him on trail and hung him. It was also the citizens of Iraq who removed the statue of him in Baghdad.

To put it simply, you can be against military intervention in Iran. However, saying that it is okay because people like it is not only anti-humanitarian, but also ignorant to hell and back.

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