But I Thought The Groypers Just Wanted A Conversation!

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In late 2019 and early 2020, various fans of Nick Fuentes, also called groypers, went to the Q&A sessions of various right-wing commentators to ask them why no Israeli’s died in an attack that happened in New York and other such important questions. “We just want a conversation” they screamed, before wasting any attempts they had at creating a conversation through asking meme questions about Rob Smith being gay.

Anyone who would deny them a conversation was declared both a “gatekeeper” and not a true conservative — because everyone else being hypocrites makes them okay.

Here’s a Tweet from the man himself, Nick Fuentes, during this whole ordeal:

What all of these establishment gatekeepers don’t seem to understand is that they very well may dislike my views but to eliminate anybody who is even peripherally associated with me because of my views is antithetical to the “free market of ideas” that they’re trying to promote! — Nick Fuentes, 9/30/2019

Then a black guy by the name of Ahmaud Aubrey was shot by a white fellow named Gregory McMichael.

I’ve made my opinion on this clear both on Twitter and on my podcast, for those unaware: I believe Ahmaud did not deserve the amount of force used by McMichael, I believe McMichael acted irrationally and as such was the aggressor, and I do not believe that McMichael is a racist or should be punished under hate crime laws.

However, it seems like even having the basic conversation over if this use of force is justified is to much for the groypers. Losing loser Pete D’Abrosca recently got into a Twitter feud with The Daily Wire writer Matt Walsh over Walsh’s statement that maybe shooting a guy for mild trespassing isn’t justified.

One thing that seemed to anger D’Abrosca is that Walsh didn’t mention the murder of white people like Emily Jones and Mollie Tibbetts at the hands of immigrants. (Mollie Tibbetts’s own parents are also pro-immigration, by the way, but I guess they were brainwashed 1984 style.) Maybe this has something to do with the fact that Googling “Emily Jones” gives you an FSN reporter and not a murdered little girl — but who knows. Oh, and the fact that everyone who saw this story agreed that the person who killed them should be punished also might have something to do with it.

Do these people really expect a national columnist to report on every single local murder done by someone who’s non-white? Not even Breitbart, a website known for its anti-immigration positions, covered Emily Jones being murdered. Does this prove that Breitbart is trying to cover up murder done by immigrants? Of course not, it proves a place that covers national news can not always cover every local news story that advances whatever agenda you believe in.

Later, Walsh tried to talk to (loser) D’Abrosca through Twitter DM’s, which D’Abrosca posted because being reasonable with someone like him is a recipe for disaster. D’Abrosca used such facts and logic at Walsh, including, but not limited to:

Have you ever actually contemplated why all of your preferred candidates got stomped in 2016?

Donald Trump got less than 45% of the vote in the 2016 Republican Primary. For comparison, Mitt Romney got 52% of the vote in the 2012 Primary and John McCain got slightly less than 47% of the vote in 2008.

Okay, so what is the big issue with conservatives thinking the shooting and killing of Ahmaud Aubrey was unjustified? Well, Liberty Hangout is one of the people who have been screaming the loudest against the right talking about this. For example, they posted these two following Ben Shapiro Tweets back to back to accuse Shapiro of hypocrisy:

Trayvon Marin would have turned 21 today if he hadn’t taken a man’s head and beaten it on the pavement before being shot. — 2/5/2016

This, from @DavidAFrench, is an excellent breakdown of why criminal charges are merited in the Arbery case. — 5/7/2020

Maybe the fact that, as Shapiro pointed out, Trayvon Martin was beating a man’s head against the pavement and Arbery wasn’t.

This seems to be the logic at hand here, if you agree that one or two of these African Americans who were shot might not have been perfectly peaceful you must therefore agree that they deserve to get shot. This is the only reason I could think of as to why Ashley Rae Groypenberg (who has blocked me for calling her nonsense nonsense) said the following:

The fact that conservatives are still talking about a lynching and a racist murder is a testament to the pervasiveness and effectiveness of repeated exposure to propaganda. They’ve completely internalized the “America is a racist country” narrative. They don’t even realize it.

For the record, almost nobody on the right has called McMichael a racist, most just think he overreacted. Saying a dude from Georgia overreacted is not the same as saying he’s a racist, and even then saying one man is a racist is not the same as saying the entire country is racist.

However, the other bug bear seems to be that a few of these people claimed Arbery was “just a jogger” when in truth he was a trespasser. As commentator Jon Miller put it:

Just like “hands up don’t shoot,” “just a jogger” proved to be another lie that nevertheless will still be memorialized in progressive American lore. If Arbery’s behavior prior to the shooting was so defensible why lie to make him seem so tragically angelic? Just tell the truth.

Of course, after both “hands up don’t shoot” and the idea Michael Brown was a “genital giant” were debunked the conversation became about how the left-wing media lied about that — instead of rather Michael Brown deserved to be shoot. This is what these people want, they want you to focus on some small detail about the killing instead of if the killing was justified.

In truth, these people simply do not want push back in any case, and the idea that black people always deserve to get shot is one hill they continue to insist on dying on, and they demand everyone else do the same.

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