Brianna Ghey’s Death Should Be “Exploited” Nonstop

Ephrom Josine
5 min readFeb 17

Brianna Ghey — a sixteen year old transgender girl who was murdered in the United Kingdom on 2/11/2023— barley had time to rest before everybody was told to shut up about her already. On 2/14/2023, Fraser Myers published an article for with the headline “Stop exploiting the Brianna Ghey tragedy.” According to Myers, “transgender activists” are using this incident as a microcosm of transphobic in the United Kingdom more generally, and that’s bad for some unexplained reason. I also want to point out that, despite being somebody who’s supposed to be informed about the topics he’s talking about, Myers is very fond of saying utter nonsense, like this:

Never mind that police have said there is “no evidence” so far of anti-trans hate being a motivating factor in Ghey’s killing.

I mean I guess, but that’s more than likely because the police hadn’t investigated the possibility of it being a hate crime at the time of that statement. Either way, the notion that it was merely a coincidence that these two people decided to murder an openly transgender woman who was both very active in circles advocating for transgender rights and had reportedly undergone years of harassment because of her transgender status is beyond laughable.

Of course, while murder cannot be used as an argument against transphobia, rape can be used as an argument for it. Myers writes the following in this article:

As Nicola Sturgeon has learned to her cost, the arguments for self-ID have been comprehensively defeated. When her reforms were subjected to rational scrutiny and when the consequences they posed for women’s safety became impossible to ignore, public opinion turned decisively against them.

This paragraph contains a link to a 2/1/2023 article from spiked with the headline “Sturgeon’s trans crusade could be her undoing.” The article criticizes Nicola Sturgeon recent attempt to broaden transgender rights in Scotland, specifically noting that AMAB sex offenders are being put in women’s prisons. However, what I find especially telling is the article fails to actually explain what negative results the policy has had — instead, it just points out that this is happening and treats that as something to be worried about on its own. Once again, even the most irrational…

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