Brexit Shows Republics Do Not Work

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I honest to God wrote that headline with the goal of giving the populist-right something to take out of context, I hope it worked.

One thing I keep getting told is that the best thing about a Republic is the 51% simply can’t rule over the 49%. I find it odd then that anyone who believes in a Republic also thinks the United Kingdom has some magical obligation to leave the EU. To them, the 51.89% who wish to leave the EU shall rule over the 48.11% who did not.

The people of Britain wanted the European Union for decades. The neo-liberal movement currently mocked by so many actually started with a “one Europe,” movement. During that time period, Europe becoming a single country was not off the table.

For decades, the British did not once choose to elect any number of significant politicians who believed in a Brexit. UKIP never had a notable majority in parliament and only briefly had seats back in 2014, and the best the Brexit party could give us were losers.

In 2017, the people of the United Kingdom had one of those scared elections and chose people who had no interest in following threw with Brexit. 13,636,684 citizens voted for Theresa May, who did not follow through with Brexit. Another 12,878,460 citizens voted for the party of Jeremy Corby, who campaigned against Brexit back in 2016.

To any British readers, please tell me, which of the six parties that got elected in 2017 had any interest in following through with Brexit?

Let’s not forgot that in both 2010 and 2015 the people of the United Kingdom chose David Cameron to be the Prime Minister. The man who had to resign over his own dislike of Brexit back in 2016. Seems the United Kingdom did not wish to leave the EU then.

However, now it’s considered impossible for a politician of the United Kingdom to support the EU. After all, overnight the people of the UK chose to be against the EU, so the politicians who had been elected time and time again for decades must now bow to the whims of the masses in a system designed to stop that from happening.

This does not mean I’m against Brext, quite the opposite in fact. However, choosing to only have a larger government in Britain is going in the opposite direction.

This should be the start of an awakening that teaches us that no man, rather they be from the general concept of Europe, the United Kingdom, or even my neighbor, has a right to rule over me.

Considering the nationalist uprising in Europe has been calling for immigration restriction and the highly authoritarian (and often nonsense) yellow vest movement, I’m not holding my breath.

Writer On Both History And Politics; Peaceful Globalist; Follow My Twitter: @EphromJosine1

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