Brett Kavanaugh Vs. Jacob Blake: Is Kamala Harris A Hypocrite?

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Yesterday, Joe Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris met with the family of Jacob Blake — the man who was shot in the back seven times by police. This imminently caused people to accuse her of hypocrisy, considering how harsh she was towards Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh who, like Jacob Blake, was accused of sexual assault.

Of course, this comparison is utter nonsense. Brett Kavanaugh was undergoing confirmation to be one of the nine most powerful people in the land for the rest of his life, Jacob Blake was not. If it turned out Kavanaugh was innocent, it would mean he underwent a slightly tougher confirmation hearing then he should have. Even in a hypothetical universe where these claims resulted in him not being able to become a Supreme Court Justice, he would still be able to return to his job as a Court Of Appeals Judge.

Meanwhile, if Jacob Blake was innocent, that means an innocent man was shot in the back seven times for no reason. Blake had a warrant for his arrest because of a rape accusation (Kavanaugh, might I add, would be a free man today regardless of which way his confirmation hearing went) and his encounter with the police over it turned violent after he engaged in very minor arrest resisting.

The thing I find the most funny about Jacob Blake is he perfectly fits what we were warned the age of #MeToo would be like. Think about it, after a mere accusation of rape Jacob Blake nearly had his entire life ruined — both in regards to this story only getting out because someone caught it on video and in regards to the police clearly trying to kill him after, again, some very arrest resisting that police should be trained to deal with. The only reason Blake was in a situation where it was possible for him to be shot in the first place was because he was accused of rape — meaning a mere accusation now has the power to ruin someone’s life.

Again, am I saying that Jacob Blake was for sure innocent of any and all wrongdoing? Of course not, what I’m saying is that his innocent is not up for myself, twitter, or police to decide, but for a jury of his peers to decide and determine.

Now, Kavanaugh was also not proven guilty by a jury of his peers in a court of law (in large part because he refused to officially endorse an FBI investigation) however, again, punishment is everything. And if Kavanaugh were to be shot in the back seven times as a result of the claims against him, I would be against that. For that matter, I was also be against making Jacob Blake a Supreme Court Justice.

However, the biggest punishment Kavanaugh risked (which he did not even receive) was not being on the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, Jacob Blake was shot in the back seven times and risked death as a result. If both are entirely innocent, Blake is still a far greater injustice to this world than Kavanaugh ever could be.

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