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A new allegation has surfaced against Brett Kavanaugh. It was first reported by The New York Times a couple of days ago, and has since caused another uproar against them, Kavanaugh, and a large number of other things.

However, I thought the timing of this would make it all the more credible. After all, the timing is one of the main reasons Matt Walsh gave for believing Juanita Broaddrick, who claimed Bill Clinton raped her — despite her only bringing her accusation against the public during the height of the Lewinsky scandal.

Juanita Broaddrick’s claims are, by the way, complete nonsense. I also must add I find it quite funny the people who claim to not engage to “listen and believe,” make sure to triple super believe when the accusation is against a Democrat — I even had one Twitter user inform me Broaddrick’s accusation was more credible because the same media that gave us Duke lacrosse told me it was true.

Let’s start with this, why did so many false rape accusations become the height of #Metoo? For that matter, how many people who own the mainstream media accusations that pushed the nonsense ones against Kavanaugh are run by people who are friends with Harvey Weinstein?

Let’s talk about Epstein. After Epstein was arrested, the media started telling us about how this would be the end of rape and sexual assault — after #MeToo and Hillary leading the way. Regardless what you think about his death — which was clearly a suicide — it is no surprise he did not mange to take anyone else down with him.

There’s a reason for this. The media spent months hating the children of Duke Lacrosse, yet the kids in Steubenville — who clearly had raped the girls in question — got the “twenty minutes of pleasure,” treatment. Maybe, there’s something more going on here.

It’s obvious why the creditably of a rape claim can be seen as the exact opposite by how often they’re covered by the mainstream media. The mainstream media is run by elites, and elites raping people goes back a long time.

To be clear, this is not me saying that all mainstream media people are rapists. However, consider how many people you can think of who are serial rapists, now think of how many were famous before hand.

This is why a rape accusation must be trusted not regardless of how much it’s covered, but directly by how little it’s covered. It seems the more a rape accusation is covered, the less likely such an accusation is to be true.

And this is not saying all rape related stories are wrong. Brock Turner was a rapist and his story was covered quite a bit. However, his story was not about an accusation but how rape should be handled in regards to our criminal justice system.

However, with the accusation itself, ask why rapists want you to know.

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