BREAKING: Josh Hammer Overreacts

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Some things are false even if they’re going after Bill De Blasio. The claim of him being antisemitic is one such example. Remember, this is the same man who condemned Rep. Omar’s statement that an Israel lobby exists, and said the following during a rally in 2019:

Maybe some people don’t realize it, but when they support the BDS movement, they are affronting the right of Israel to exist and that is unacceptable.

But what did Mayor De Blasio do that caused him to be declared a hater of the Jews? He tweeted the following:

My message to the Jewish community, and all communities, is this simple: the time for warnings has passed. I have instructed the NYPD to proceed immediately to summons or even arrest those who gather in large groups.

Why did he single out Jews specifically? Well, for one, he didn’t, he clearly said “and all communities” implying the law was blind. But even then, maybe it has something to do with them being the ones breaking the law. Many stories have broke out of New York City involving Rabbi’s still holding religious gatherings — in one case, including a funeral held for a Jewish man for died of COVID-19.

One might notice this is the same defense Michael Bloomberg used when it was pointed out his stop and frisk policy was overwhelming being used on minorities. Considering I did criticize this defense, I figured I should at least elaborate as to why I’m not quite as angry with this. For one, Bloomberg was using stop and frisk to enforce an absurd anti-gun agenda — with the primary goal of “stop and frisk” being to find if minorities had obtained illegal firearms.

For that matter, far as I’m aware, Mayor de Blasio is not putting a large amount of police officers in Jewish communities and then using the fact that the NYPD is finding more crimes committed by Jews as a reason to keep them their — as Bloomberg was.

Josh Hammer had a different take:

To single out all the Jews for collectively spreading a disease is to hearken back centuries to the revolting medieval pogrom incitements that blamed Jews for metastasizing the Black Death.

That’s not what de Blasio did, at all.

And, for that matter, this comparison is utter nonsense. The Jewish population is the one violating social distancing orders and therefore is spreading the disease — the Black Plague was spread by tics who went from rats to humans.

While on the topic of Hammer, here’s him not understanding anything:

Every high school civics student learns how Karl Marx, reasonably viewed as the intellectual progenitor of contemporary leftism, infamously referred to religion as the “opium of the people.”

It’s slightly more complicated than that, Marx actually viewed religion as a distraction from the real issues of society, and as such a way to receive a form of fake happiness and satisfaction.

Also, I find it funny Hammer uses Marx as an example of a tried and true antisemite. Marx was actually ethnically Jewish himself, and had his work banned in Nazi Germany as a result. There’s actually an antisemitic conspiracy theory, promoted by those like David Duke (author of The Secret Behind Communism and Jewish Supremacism) and E. Michael Jones (author of The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History), that communism is, in of itself, a Jewish plot. This was even believed by the big antisemite, Adolph Hitler, who called capitalism and communism “two sides of the same Jewish coin.”

But let’s let Hammer continue:

Leftists invariably view the Judeo-Christian moral tradition as imposing destructive and anachronistic shackles upon personal autonomy-maximizing liberationism.

I don’t know about you guys, but when I think of people worried about “personal autonomy-maximizing liberationism,” I think of communists!

Yes, some socialist countries banned all forms of religion, but that is hardly the entire society. In the United States, socialists actually have a long history of being firm believers — most famously people like George McGovern, Huey Long, Charles Coughlin, and Jesse Jackson. Hell, Joseph Stalin went to college to become a priest before reading Marx.

But people like Hammer do not know that, they cannot. Instead, everything bad must be the result of those damn atheists — wait a minute, the Black Plague example he gave earlier was done by Christians. My God, this man is a total idiot.

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