Bloomberg Should Not Be Allowed In The Democratic Primary

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While Bernie Sanders is being hated for being an independent, Joe Biden is being hated for being too right-wing for Democrats, and Warren is being called out for being a Republican until 1996, one man is getting all the backing of the mainstream media with people begging him to run. That being former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Here’s the God’s honest truth about Michael Bloomberg — he’ll join whatever party is politically convenient at that time. He has the loyalty of — actually come to think of it I can’t think of anyone less loyal than Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg was a Democrat for most of his life — then he decided he wanted to be mayor of New York City. At that time, the mayor was a fellow by the name of Rudy Giuliani. A fairly centrist Republican (even liberal on some social issues) but known for his tough on crime stance everyone had during the Reagan/Bush/Clinton years. He even got endorsed by the liberal party of New York both when he first ran in 1989 and during his win in 1993, as well as during his re-election run in 1997.

Giuliani was a fairly popular guy — even won re-election with 55.2% of the vote despite barley winning against David Dinkins four years earlier. As such, Bloomberg chose to register as a Republican despite being a Democrat for decades before hand.

Mind you, this was before 9/11 — Bloomberg even won his primary on that date. It was more than likely either this way or he wouldn’t become mayor, however, he had no way of knowing that when he changed parties months earlier.

So Bloomberg ran twice as a Republican (once in 2001 and another time in 2005) and won. But then 2007 happened, Democrats had taken control of both the House and Senate in the elections of last year and George W. Bush was becoming more and more unpopular. So Michael Bloomberg decides to change his party — from Republican to Independent.

Yeah, despite being a Democrat for decades he couldn’t even bring himself to go that far once again for over a decade after he left the Republican Party. But at least his third run for mayor of New York City was a success.

Then, it wasn’t until last year (oddly, when he was talking about running for President) he had a revelation that he was Democrat. That is, until he becomes President where he will figure out he’s a member of the The Rent Is Too Damn High party.

If the Democratic Party wants to put there trust into Bloomberg, they are making a mistake. They are going to lose, maybe not in the race but in the ideological sense. Either way, it’s either Trump or the polls 2020.

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