Bloomberg Is An Authoritarian — And More Than Likely A Racist

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Some leaked audio recently put to spin in the 2020 Presidential “Campaign” of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. In this audio (it’s unclear where it’s from) is Michael Bloomberg saying that 95% of crime is done by African-American males from 16–25.

The context Bloomberg was saying this seems to be him defending the heavy power given the the NYPD — a process that started with Rudy Giuliani. Specifically, Bloomberg mentioned one practice — the infamous “stop and frisk” — by name.

Now, I’m not hear to get into an argument about racial crime statistics, I will say that, at most, African Americans are responsible for about 53% of crime — not 95% like Bloomberg claimed.

I should also note that if it’s true, someone should really tell the guys at the NYPD. In 2011, it was found that despite stop and frisk happening to non-whites 87% of the time, 90% of the people that were stopped and frisked were innocent of any crime. Despite that, Bloomberg still claimed as mayor, without any form of evidence, that stop and frisk had saved “countless lives.”

Here, however, is the part of Bloomberg’s statement I find far more interesting:

One of the unintended consequences is people say, “Oh my God, you are arresting kids for marijuana that are all minorities.” Yes, that’s true. Why? Because we put all cops in minority neighborhoods. Yes. That’s true. Why do we do it? Because that’s where all the crime is.

So you put the police in minority areas, meaning it’s much easier for police to find crime when it happens in minority areas (and in a big city with as many laws as NYC, crime happens all the time). The police then find minorities committing crime at higher rates than they find white people committing crime, because you put the police there meaning crime can be detected easier. Therefore, you keep putting them more and more in minority areas and the endless cycle never stops. Am I the only one who sees the issue?

Funny Bloomberg mentioned marijuana, by the way. Study after study finds that people of all races smoke marijuana at more or less the same rate. Despite the, the average African-American is much more likely to be arrested for it than the average white American.

If I believed in the police ideology of Bloomberg, I’d still more than likely be angry considering all the white people who commit crime that the NYPD just seem to be missing.

And we all know where this ends up. We saw where this ends up back in 2014 when the NYPD killed Eric Garner through putting him in a choke-hold for selling loose cigarettes.

People have said that Garner was being aggressive towards the police, but they never seem to ask this question: Why were the police bothering him in the first place? The answer is because he committed the most minor crime imaginable, selling cigarettes on the street corner. Barley worth an arrest, certainly not worth a death sentence.

Commentators such as Matt Walsh have suggested we shouldn’t call Bloomberg on racist, as he said on Twitter today:

Conservatives jumping on the #BloombergIsRacist bandwagon are now agreeing with the left that it’s racist to discuss the statistical realities of violent crime. And all for the sake of bringing down a guy who wasn’t going to win anyway. Dubious strategy, guys.

Of course, Bloomberg would not be a racist for pointing out a fact — although the fact in question is nonsense, so maybe that’s not a hill to die on. However, all of this other information put together show at the very least a sketchy man with weird opinions on race.

I’m not going to argue he isn’t, is my point.

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