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So what is “Obamagate” and why is it comparable to Watergate? To be honest, I have no idea. And neither does the man who created the phrase, President Donald Trump. Why do I think that? Because when asked on Monday, Trump couldn’t give a definition.

Now Barack Obama is no saint, don’t get me wrong. Between Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal (which had been going on since Nixon, but that’s besides the point), the NSA spying (which was power given to the President by Republicans when Bush was President), the national debt skyrocketing (which only happened because Bush blew the surplus — wow, I’m noticing a pattern here), Solyndra (which was just his fault) and so much more, the guy had far from a scandal free administration like liberals often claim.

This all started after Obama criticized Attorney General Barr’s decision to drop the charges on Michael Flynn. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called it “classless” — whatever that means. And the typical arguments from the pussy grabers for civility and decently came forth.

According to Sidney Powell, lead Attorney for Michael Flynn, former President Obama engaged in a plot to frame Flynn of lying to the FBI.

From Zero Hedge:

Flynn withdrew his guilty plea to providing a false statement to the FBI regarding his communications with a Russian ambassador, after which new documents in the case revealed that a cadre of bad actors within the Obama intelligence community set Flynn up. And according to Powell, it went straight to the top.

How the hell do you set someone up for lying to the FBI? Did Barack Obama wear a Michael Flynn costume and plead guilty to Robert Mueller? Either Flynn lied to the FBI, or he did not. This is not something you can be framed of, this is a matter of objective reality.

Mind you, regardless of my thoughts on Barack Obama, I still trust his judgement more than I trust William Barr’s. Barr is a believer that, more or less, the President is allowed to do anything it wants. The last time he was Attorney General under George H.W. Bush he spent his days trying to get as few people put in prison for Iran-Contra, also known as that time President Reagan and Oliver North committed treason, as humanly possible. Specifically, in the last month of his tenure (December 1992), he pardoned six people, most notably former Defense Sectary Caspar Weinberger, of charges related to the Iran-Contra scandal. Weinberger was also going to be put on trail the following month for accusations of an administration wide cover-up, which never happened because of Barr.

Barr has spent his entire adult life trying to get as many Republicans off the hook as humanly possible. And yet, I’m really suppose to believe he’s being unbiased regarding Michael Flynn? This is utter nonsense, even in the case of two untrustworthy people, Obama is clearly the less untrustworthy person in this situation.

Michael Flynn pleaded guilty, in a fair and logical world, that’s all it would take. Sadly, that is not the world we live in.

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