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From the start, I imagined Joe Biden winning the presidency would be the highlight of my year — and you know what, I was right. And you know what, it seems the President knew that and decided to give me a little gift. Not only would Joe get to win one time, the president promised us, he would get to win about fifty. Hence the legal battle laid about by Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, which failed to get any traction until the Supreme Court themselves — one third of which is Trump appointees, all of which turned on him — finally stepped in and dismissed a lawsuit yesterday.

Maybe it was Joe Biden Trump was talking about when he said this back in 2016:

[Biden is] going to win [the 2020 election] so much, [his supporters are] going to be so sick and tired of winning, you’re going to come to me and go ‘Please, please, we can’t win anymore.’ You’ve heard this one. You’ll say ‘Please, Mr. President, we beg you sir, we don’t want to win anymore. It’s too much. It’s not fair to everybody else. And I’m going to say ‘I’m sorry, but [he’s] going to keep winning, winning, winning, We’re going to make America great again.

Okay, so maybe I played with the quote slightly, but the humor in a President who does nothing but brag also being the first one-term president in twenty-eight years is certainly worth noting. Just as it is that the most recent one-term president is also the one who gained the biggest cult while in office. Among the most insane, Liberty Hangout gave us this gem just this morning:

Truly the Julius Caesar of our time, you are watching the betrayal of our greatest leader in real time. From Bill Barr to Brett Kavanaugh, Trump has been repeatedly stabbed in the back by his allies. Like Caesar, he must cross the Rubicon before it is too late.

Of course, the fact that Julius Caesar was an authoritarian tyrant either didn’t cross the mind of Michael Heil, the social media director of Liberty Hangout represented on their website as a short fat kid in a Trump cape, or was the reason for the comparison. Don’t worry though, this is not the only Roman event they’re compared Trump losing to:

Shame on Brett Kavanaugh for rejecting the Texas case. After all that Trump and his supporters did to defend your family from baseless lies, you go and turn your back on us like Judas Iscariot. Shame shame shame.

Liberty Hangout has consistently been the funniest group of people this election for its pure desire to scream its support of authoritarianism into a void. They still pretend to be libertarian (even using the yellow and black on their profile picture, the colors of anarchist-capitalism) but every person who likes them also just so happen to believe libertarians deserve a Day of the Ropes.

But don’t you worry, they are not against a positive message:

It’s very reasonable to feel frustrated tonight. But it’s important we don’t let hate creep into our hearts. Keep the faith in Christ and that his will is being done. The good will always prevail in the end!

I think the main reason why many Trumpers refuse to just give up is because they believe Trump is not just a great President, but a popular one. Had Trump been a disliked President fighting against everyone, including his citizens, defeat might actually be seen as a benefit. Republicans still tell the story of Robert Bork’s failure to become a Supreme Court justice after Reagan nominated him because top liberals in the Senate (including Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden) didn’t want to vote for another hard-right ideologue. In that regard, supporting Bork was supporting a man willing to speak unpopular truths against a group of radical leftists.

Trump started out as this, with many media commentators predicting he didn’t have a shot from day one. The media was employing the strategy of “just keep saying he has no chance until it becomes true,” the same strategy that led to George McGovern’s massive loss in 1972. As such, when Trump started winning, his fanbase became more riled up and willing to fight than ever before, which is especially helpful while running against Hillary Clinton, who was all but handed the nomination from day one. (Sanders did not even intent for his campaign to be anything but an option for protest votes, before it morphed into a real threat for Clinton and her supporters.) During his administration, Trump bragged non-stop about how everyone loved him, and his supporters ate it up. He could have easily gotten some massive political points if he, as his supporters often did, tried to make himself an under-dog, but doing so would imply that someone could oppose Trump, which is just impossible.

On election night, Michael Knowles tweeted out the following:

Tonight is completely up for grabs:

— Trump could win.

— Trump could win and the crooked libs could steal it from him.

— Trump could win and the crooked libs could try to steal it from him but he could stop them, etc.

Anything could happen!

Knowles is one of the most well known advocates of philosophical supremacy, or the idea that facts are only second to a pre-existing philosophy. Expecting him to be anything less than a Trump diehard is to miss the point of people like him and why they exist.

Honestly, I could keep going for awhile now, but the fact is that Biden won, and I’m happy about it. I’ve long said that the more they fight Biden, the better he looks, and that still hasn’t changed. I have little doubt that the Biden administration is going to expose something big, and when it does, the whole system will come down.

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