There was a Blue Wave, and Ms. Pelosi didn’t have any power back then.

Besides the power given to her as House Minority Leader. Oh, and all that publicity she had leading the House Democrats for the past 16 years.

So you propose that, instead of thinking about how best to get the results we desire, we just stick our thumbs in our mouths and suck on them. Right.

That’s not what I said. I was responding to a specific claim you made. That being:

In just six months she has organized a massive program of investigations that will produce a Blue Tsunami in 2020.

To which, I responded, in full:

You have no way of knowing the elections result before the elections. Yes, the party with the Presidency tends to lose seats in the House and Senate, everyone knows that. However, that happens regardless of if Pelosi investigates anything.

Can’t help but wonder why you left out everything after the first sentence.

Right. And you don’t have proof. So pay heed to what the pros are saying.

From the article:

When Alexandra Ocasio Cortez defeated Joe Crowley in the primary back in 2018, it showed there was some mandate among Democrats for more socialist ideas (ideas, again, I disagree with). Critics of Justice Democrats try to ignore this by stating they haven’t flipped a single seat, although I guess it’s just sort of by magic that she was the candidate the media talked about the most and that election led to them picking up 41 seats in the House of Representatives.

And before you say I contradicted myself of Cortez didn’t achieve anything because “it would have happened anyway,” remember I said “tends to” not “always will.”

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