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After Trump won the 2016 election, I was one of many to predict the nomination for 2020 would either be Vice-President Biden or Senator Sanders. While I was incorrect regarding how well Vice President Biden would do in the primary, I remain correct in my idea that Senator Sanders would do great. Therefore, it’s near certain he will be the nomination.

You might have seen the results of Nevada, Mayor Buttigieg won three delegates, Vice President Biden won nine, and Senator Sanders won twenty four. This means Senator Sanders won 2/3rd’s of the delegates that could be won that caucus.

Here is what makes this a big deal: Sanders did not even win Nevada back in 2016. Up until now, his campaign has more or less been the same as it was last time, he almost won Iowa and wins New Hampshire. This is the first time Sanders has won a new state, and it is quite important considering this is the first step towards getting the nomination.

Sanders will almost certainly not win South Carolina — in fact, it seems like that’s the only state so far Vice President Biden has a chance at winning. Considering that was also a state Hillary Clinton got 3/4th’s of the votes in last time, it’s near certain Sanders can skip campaigning in it.

Some think Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg might be able to catch up, I in no way see it. Bloomberg has entered too late and almost certainly can not establish a base before Super Tuesday, despite his ridiculous amount of ads.

In fact, let’s go through all the candidates and see why none of them have a chance of winning anymore:

  • Vice President Biden’s campaign has been spinning in circles for moths on end. There’s no chance of him being able to catch up before Super Tuesday. Every state it looks like he might win he ends up losing. Remember when the polls put him as a 2nd in Iowa? Now he’s in 4th.
  • Despite a strong showing in Iowa, Mayor Buttigieg still has to go against a candidate with an established base. Considering he did not even have the chance to form one until four years after Sanders, it is unlikely he will be able to overtake the old Senator.
  • Senator Warren does not have a base. As I’ve said a million times before, anyone to her left is going for Senator Sanders and everyone to her right is going for Mayor Buttigieg.
  • Nobody likes Tom Steyer.
  • Nobody has even heard of Senator Klobuchar.
  • Rep. Gabbard did not even get 5% in New Hampshire after spending 100 days campaigning, in Nevada, she did worse than some of the candidates who have previously dropped out.

I may not be a Bernie Bro, but I do recognize reality. Senator Sanders is going to get the nomination in 2020 and go up against Donald Trump. Rather he’ll win or not, I’m not sure.

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Writer On Both History And Politics; Peaceful Globalist; Follow My Twitter: @EphromJosine1

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