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Last night, Senator Sanders did the unthinkable, he went in the belly of the beast know as the Fox News Channel. Of course, Andrew Yang was the first to do something similar to this by going to Shapiro’s podcast, and Gabbard has been a regular guest on Fox for years, but it’s still better than most.

While this movement was criticized by many insiders, many who thought about it for half a second thought this was genius. Trump is known to just repeat things he heard on Fox, as such, going on the favorite network of the president would be a good way to prepare for the debates if he were to be the nomination.

Of course, given what he had, he did very well. Fox was caught labeling a member of the anti-government extremist group Turning Point USA as simply “student.” Although, this simply made his biggest win even more compelling for the average viewer.

I think I should start by talking about his largest screw-up. During the town hall, the moderate asked why we didn’t pay more in taxes if he supports increased taxes on the wealthy. Of course, this is like asking someone who supports a balanced budget “why don’t you simply pay more in taxes so the government isn’t at a deficit?” A question I now ask you to give to every Twitter Republican, by the way.

Even if the question is ridiculous, his response was not as great as it could have been. Instead of responding with “this question is dumb,” he chose to ask why they didn’t give the same question to Trump and why the host of the event did not do the same. Both of which, didn’t really do much other than make it look like he had to deflect the question.

Pretend journalists at Louder with Crowder had this to say involving this comment:

This is where leftist hypocrisy is most on display. Or their concept of “patriotic millionaires” who want their taxes raised. If these millionaires were really as “patriotic” as they like to virtue signal, they’d just give the government more of their money. Voluntarily. On their own. Because taxes are what they love. That’s patriotism, right? Asking what you can do for your country instead of what your country can do for you?

Therefore, I assume the people over at LWC have no issue with paying taxes. Right? Of course not. Here’s an excerpt from their article “Income Taxes Are the Real Rape Culture”:

Taking what doesn’t belong to them for their own selfish pleasures, especially under the hopes they’ll get reelected by pandering to non-taxpaying citizens (or promising to fund a bigger, badder, more bloated government for better control of population America), is why I say “income tax is rape culture.” We didn’t consent. Our assets are being stolen. We’re threatened with government’s gun if we don’t smile up at the victimizer (sic) post coitus. Few dare cross the strong-armed rapist. All this is done under approval of those who benefit from it.

Good to know they hate America.

There were a few more examples of this, a better answer (usually involving the ridiculousness of the question) was possible. Yet, he chose to instead try to front a flawed question.

However, that does not mean the moment that stuck in everyone’s head was any less great. For those unaware, when the moderate asked the audience for approval of a Medicare For All plan, the whole room lit up with applause.

Considering Sanders is the most popular Senator in America, and the idea itself was popular, this was to be expected. However, officially penetrating the Washington bubble was still impressive considering the idea has been considered “radical” for years on end.

Again, it’s as if cable-news millionaires don’t understand the average person.

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