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Yesterday, a Dutch YouTuber was arrested for getting a little to close to Area 51. This is one piece of the story developing over the past couple of months involving people planning a raid on the infamous government building.

Why is Area 51 so mysterious? For one, the government denied it existed for many decades. The location according to the now official story has been used for top secret military testing, which is quite odd when you consider the location is no where near secret in any meaningful sense of the word.

Top Secret information has been used as proof of aliens for quite a long time now. The most infamous example being the Roswell incident back in 1947. For those unaware, something crashed in Roswell sometime in mid-1947, with those who tried to get a look at it being taken by government officials, asked what they knew, and threatened if they ever talked. According to the government story, it was a weather balloon — which didn’t make any sense. This is made even worse by the Roswell Daily Records reporting that a “flying saucer,” had been “captured,” on 7/8/1947.

I should note this doesn’t prove much. New Mexico has always been one of the most spiritual states in the US — many residents also believe in creatures like Skin-walkers. For that matter, later documents released under the Freedom Of Information Act, which did not exist at the time of the incident, found it was an aircraft spying on the Soviet Union.

CBS reported yesterday that various photos of UFOs released by people previously called “conspiracy theorists.” However, this does not mean that these UFOs are aliens — UFO simply stands for “unidentified flying object,” any fan of Monk will know that. Any object that can not be unidentified as anything but a flying object is a UFO — meaning you did identify it as something, but that’s a rant for another time.

However, many seem to forget just how mainstream the UFO theories once were. In 1995, Disney Channel showed a film arguing the United States government had made contact with aliens. This was not someone hacking the channel, it was even introduced by CEO of Disney at the time Micheal Eisner. According to the official story, this was to promote a Disneyland ride that lasted for about six months.

Will they find aliens? More than likely not. However, this should not cause us to ignore the legitimate considers that exist when it comes to us and just how possible it is we’ve been visited by other lifeforms.

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