Are Soros And Koch Tricking People Into Wanting To Leave Afghanistan?

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With the populist movement coming back, it seems like two men are more hated than even the worst dictators — those being Charles Koch and George Soros.

Koch has been hated in left-wing circles for year, but interest in him peaked back in 2010 when he and his brother David helped fund Scott Walker’s anti-union govern campaign in Wisconsin. Combined that with backing the Tea Party revolution and funding some (I’ll admit garbage) studies saying Climate Change isn’t real and you have a hated man.

George Soros has had his name in the mainstream for decades. For those unaware, he’s a liberal billionaire — I know, I was surprised as well — who is most known for funding Democratic campaigns and owning left-wing media groups. He mainly got known in living rooms when Glenn Beck — who at the time still had a daily hour-long show on Fox News — spent two episodes of his TV program insulting the guy.

I’m going to annoy some people on both sides for saying this, but both of these guys are really over hated. Koch doesn’t do much except fund a few a think tanks and give money to some political campaigns — he also funds local journalism, has spent millions on documentaries about evolution, and has donated millions to charity. Soros just runs progressive media, and is one of many donors to the Democratic Party — he’s not even the only “big money” donor.

If populists are really worried about billionaires buying campaigns, then there are tons of other people to go after. Tell me, where is the hate towards Sheldon Adelson? His funding of Newt Gingrich’s 2012 Presidental Campaign caused it to go on for another six months.

Where’s the hatred towards Donald Trump for that matter? You know, the man who use to brag about having way more money than he actually did.

Why am I talking about these two? Well, it seems like they’re up to their old tricks. What are they convincing Americans to do this time? Leave Afghanistan.

From Politico:

A conservative veterans’ group backed by the Koch family is launching a multimillion-dollar ad blitz in three presidential battleground states Thursday, seeking to tap into rising public support for withdrawing all American troops from Afghanistan.

The Koch family? But I thought they were the definition of evil. Now, and only now, they can back a cause that’s okay?

Meanwhile, Soros hated the War in Afghanistan. It was one of the many reasons he funded an anti-Bush tour back in 2004. He also said in 2006 that “when you wage war, you inevitably create innocent victims.”

So to the populists, I must ask, what do you think of this? After all, these are the most hated people in America championing a cause you people have not shut up about. Personally, I believe that, as of now, anyone who agrees with withdrawal from Afghanistan is a shill.

Yeah, this is something that needs to be brought out. Remember, if you support free markets, open immigration, or deregulation, your a shill for the Koch Brothers. However, I guess when they support something the people like it’s okay.

I myself have never taken a check from the Koch brothers, despite being a shill for them according to Twitter. As such, I feel like it’s only fair that we pull the same tactic on them. So from now on, if any populist supports withdraw from Afghanistan, they are a shill — I mean, they aren’t, but might as well call them that.

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