Anthony Aguilar Has A Brain Metaphorically Made Out Of Pudding

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Yes, I have watched Anthony’s most recent streams, the one where he talks about his breakup with Rouge (12/2/2020) and the one with Vida (12/3/2020). The first one was made private by Anthony shortly after, but the second was wasn’t and currently has a like-to-dislike ratio of 26:165

Vida, for those who don’t know, was Anthony’s best friend for many years up until mid-2017. Vida actually got into contact with me after that, and gave me much insight into how much of a disaster the brony community was at that point. He was the person who confirmed my suspicions about ToonKritic roughly half a year before he was exposed (Of course, just like the cowards he later criticized, Vida did not go public with this until after the logs of ToonKritic grooming a minor were leaked. The rest of the cowards had an excuse that they were friends with Toon, what did Vida have?) including giving me a story where Toon told him — and I could not make this up if I tried — “your usefulness has expired.”

Of course, Vida later turned out to be a groomer himself, before admitting to only exposing Toon to get even. This is because Vida is the perfect man for Anthony, another want-to-be tough guy who pretends to be principled but is actually just a bitter little shit. I recall Vida being rather aloof at the time (although I was rather energetic at the time, so maybe my view is skewed), looking back, everything he told me reeked of “I can’t believe I’m talking to this guy.” Combine this with the fact that he’s the reason I became involved with the wider brony community in general, and it might be fair to say talking to me is higher on his regret list than the grooming incident. (Although all that needs happen for that to be the case is for him to regret bringing me into the brony community.) But I was the human shield for his war with Anthony, and that’s all that mattered at the time. You could even say that, after I had left the brony community, my usefulness had expired.

I should also note, in my previous article I stated that Brony Inspector only took issue with Anthony after Anthony had made fun of his alcoholism. This was wrong on my part, as Brony Inspector did view Anthony clamming Slaughter endangered his children as one of the reasons he broke up with Anthony. I apologize to Brony Inspector not just for getting that information wrong, but also for implying using that as a reason to rant about my own dislike of him. With that said, I will point out the irony of Anthony making fun of the drug addiction of his former best friend before talking to quite possibly the most addled mind ever on his side of the fandom.

With that said, one must admire the dedication Anthony had to telling the world what he knows about Brony Inspector all while pretending he has no intention to. Speaking in the one tone of voice he can, the tone of voice he always does that he sometimes changes so it sounds like a bad actor attempting to give emotions. Anthony is the kind of person who wants to sound like someone who doesn’t give a fuck, and once that’s obviously a façade, it’s quite honestly his best one.

To be honest, his stream on his breakup was rather boring, and consisted of him repeating the same two or three points for an entire hour. He kept going on about how Rouge said she “needed space” at a time where he needed her, and how he’s dropped so much shit to deal with her issues, and other such shit. The only major issue is the fact that he jumped to streaming about an issue that was fresh in his head. Although, to be blunt, expecting Anthony to keep things secret once he turns on you is one of the biggest delusions one could have.

His stream on Vida was a much more interesting creature, not for anything in it, but for why it was made. According to him, Vida just wanted to talk to him and figure out what’s going on. But what I find rather interesting is why Anthony decided to go along with it, one can almost see him thinking this is his chance to redeem himself, only for it to backfire hilariously.

I should end by nothing something that Vida said that is true, that Anthony will find another group of people and do this again. I have no doubt this is the case, in large part because that’s how Anthony has always functioned. He has spent the past six or so years bouncing around different parts of the brony community, leaving every section he enters because he can’t stop lying and ruining his relationships. Make no mistake, this is going to happen again, because, once again, this is the kind of person Anthony is, always has been, and always will be.

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