An Open Letter To Adil Abdul-Mahdi

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Dear Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi

It just broke that your parliament has officially voted to expel US troops from the country of Iraq. You’re even quoted as saying “It’s time for American troops to leave.”

Personally, I think Iraqi parliament has more important things to do. For instance, don’t they still need to find a replacement for you? You resigned just a month ago after massive protests from the people you’re suppose to represent.

Don’t forget, you’re the one who chose arrest the protesters — including many who were being peaceful. While on the topic of things that are important to remember, I should note you got people angry for your use of violence against women — maybe it’s just my American ignorance, in fact, that’s almost certainly what it is, but I didn’t know you could get in trouble for that in the Middle East.

Let’s also remember the utter disrespect you showed to general Abdel-Wahab al-Saadi, who’s also one of the only reasons your country isn’t controlled by ISIS right now. Transferring him to the Minister of Defense for no reason against his wishes, as well as against the wishes of basically every high-ranking Iraqi official and the wishes of the entire international community.

Look, I’m not here to say the that United States forces were angels in Iraq — we weren’t, plain and simple. Although, again, we’re also the main reason your country isn’t under the control of Iran right now, although it’s very possible you would approve of that.

Oh yeah, bet you don’t want us to know about that. The fact that you were good friends with human rights abuser Ruhollah Khomeini — after all, he was the only person who stopped you from being a communist your entire life.

Allow me to cut to the chase, you said earlier this week that the death of brutal terrorist — and figure loved by the brutal terrorists who run Iran — Hossein Salami “will light the fuse of war.” Mr. Prime Minster, that is called a threat — not something that could be considered a threat but might not be (read: “We will dig your grave”), that is a direct threat.

If you expect the United States to buy into this obvious trap — knowing this administration you’re almost certainly right. All eyes will be taken off of you, the US military will disappear, and you’ll almost certainly have an excuse to stay in power longer.

This is clearly why you and your supporters are doing this. It’s not because of some dislike towards what we have done — although I’m sure many Iraqi’s (specifically of the fascist variety) do share that feeling. It’s to make sure nobody is there so you can violate the most basic human rights of the citizens of Iraq — the rights of speech and assembly — for no other reason than because it’s convenient.

Just know people do exist who are on to you. Understand that this game may work in the short term, but one of these days someone will catch on. And I hope you spend every moment of every day quaking in your boots worried what is going to happen when the sun rises on that thankful morning — regardless of if you go as Saddam or the Muslim Brotherhood did.

In your last days, you will wish you had at least gotten the treatment of Saddam Hussein or King Louis XVI, as the people have grown tired of playing nice with the evil of you and your kind. Here’s hoping this sets an example to various other evils around the world of what happens,even to “democratic” leaders who go out of their way to treat the people as nothing more than servants to worship you.

Barack Obama liked to say various people and groups — especially evil foreign dictators like yourself — were on “the wrong side of history,” of “the long moral arc of the universe.” Obama commonly used this as a reason to not do anything as the world burned against people like Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

I firmly believe your on the wrong side of history, make no mistake. However, I believe history is coming faster than you may realize. Remember, even Hitler had a springtime.

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