American Media Has An Anti-Asian Problem

“Why Has There Been A Spike Of Anti-Asian Hate?” The New York Times asked in an opinion piece published on 3/5/2021. It seems that, as Ian Goodrum pointed out in a Twitter thread from 3/17/2021, one can answer this question just by reading more of The New York Times. On the topic of China, the newspaper has previously run such headlines as “This Is Not Dystopian Fiction. This Is China.” and “The Chinese Threat To American speech.”

Of course, The New York Times is not the only news source printing articles warning about how the Chinese are coming. Financial Times warns that “China, Not America, Will Decide The Fate Of The Planet.” The Economist asks “How Bad Will It Get?” with a picture of the globe wearing a mask with the Chinese flag. Axios warns of “China’s Extreaterritoral Thereat” and that “Chian Exploits U.S. Investment To Conquer Media.”

At the end of the day, it’s rather hard to tell the difference between this kind of propaganda and what was pushed by Donald Trump and Peter Navarro. Sure, the mainstream media won’t use the phrase “Kung Flu,” (even correctly deeming the phrase racist) or even call COVID-19 the “China Virus,” but the overall narrative — that China is a big scary country that plans on taking over the world — has not changed between outlets. The only difference is that one side of the political compass uses racist terminology, the other side does not. Still, the difference between these two narratives is roughly the same as the difference between On The Jews And Their Lies and On The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion.

Ever since Robert Long killed eight people, six of them Asian, in Atlanta, Georgia, the mainstream media has been working overtime trying to figure out how this happened. You’ve likely heard the quotes from officers that Long had “sex addiction” and a “bad day,” however, you likely did not hear the first-hand account from a surviving witness, who said Long screamed “I’m going to kill all Asians,” during his massacre. You didn’t hear this because it was not picked up by any American media outlet, instead only being reported by Chosun — a news outlet from South Korea. The American media never once so much as interviewed an eye-witness during their converage of the attack.

Many liberals have long understood most of the right-wing media is racist against Asians, however, the left-wing media is just as bad. On 12/4/2020, a reported (and well known CIA assesst) named Ken Dilanian warned that China was making “Chinese super-soilders” through genetic modification technology. He did not do this on Fox, Breitbart, Newsmax, One America News, The Gateway Pundit, or The Daily Wire, he did this on MSNBC.

Since the start of Donald Trump’s “quick and easy to win” trade war with China, the country has become the all encompassing bad guy for American media. Nevermind that we know from testimony of John Bolton that one of the worst things China is doing, putting Musilim citizens in concentration camps, was praised by Donald Trump in private. For that matter, nevermind the fact that the same anti-Musilim bigotry that caused those camps to be built is rather similar not just to what the Republican Party did after 9/11, but also what Donald Trump engaged in as he advocated for a federal database of all Musliums and a complete ban on them entering the United States during his 2016 campaign. (That’s another thing I’ve noticed, the people in US politics who say they hate China the most actually agree with it in some of the worst areas. On his last day as Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo warned about the evils of both mulitculturalism and China’s camps — which were specifically established as an attempt to remove multiculturalism from China.)

Look, I’m not saying that you cannot criticize China or if you do you’re encoraging the actions of the Atlantia shooter — but the mainstream media is not just “critizing China.” I know I already used this in a different comparison, but if the mainstream media is just “criticizing China” by saying they’re trying to take over the work, On The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion is “criticizing Judiaism.” The mainstream media keeps telling us that China is doing some kind of massive conspiracy, and they’re getting surprised when paranoid people believe them.

If the mainstream media really wants to fight anti-Asian bigotry, maybe it’s time they look within.