AIPAC Promotes An Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory

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A new ad from the Israel lobby group AIPAC brags about the list of people they have worked with over the past sixty years. Here’s list of everyone they list in that video:

  • Harry Reid
  • Chuck Schumer
  • Mitch McConnell
  • Bill Frist
  • John Boehner
  • Nancy Pelosi
  • Paul Ryan
  • Mike Pompeo
  • Hillary Clinton
  • John Kerry
  • Condoleezza Rice
  • Joe Biden
  • Mike Pence
  • Dick Cheney
  • Al Gore
  • Donald Trump
  • Barack Obama
  • Bill Clinton
  • George W. Bush

Wow, those are a lot of very powerful people. You could say AIPAC has at least a decent amount of influence over United States foreign policy — I mean, hypothetically of course because if you do you will violate the hate crime laws signed into law by future President Dan Crenshaw.

Oh yeah, when someone asked Rep. Dan Crenshaw (the guy nobody would know about if SNL didn’t make fun of him) about how it was constitutional for the federal government to boycott Israel, he hit the fan. Yet, AIPAC is screaming at us that they run American foreign policy, and we just are not allowed to talk about it.

I can’t wait for there ad on the USS Liberty.

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